10 Rubber Stamp Ideas to Make a Small Business Stand Out

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Recently the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy reported that only about 80% of small businesses survive the first year. After the first year, the number of successes drops dramatically. At the five-year mark, only 45.5% to 51% of business are still alive.

On average, only one out of three small businesses make it to ten years. This may be depressing, but you can be the one!

Are you looking for new, ways to advertise and grow your business on a budget? It isn’t easy for bootstrapped businesses to compete in the big corporate world today.

Sometimes the “K.I.S.S. it” method (Keep It Simple Stupid) can decrease the cost of doing business. 

Have you considered using a simple rubber stamp to increase business and advertising efficiency?

It’s time to stir the creative juices!

How Can a Rubber Stamp Impact Your Business?

Are you ready to add creative flare to your business? Consider using rubber stamps to complete day-to-day tasks and market your product. Stamps improve employee productivity and increase job satisfaction by decreasing stress and errors.

Corporations have utilized stamps for years to sign papers. Stamps also allow workers to document the time and date when items are received or delivered. Notaries and other professionals, for example, used certification seals or embossing stamps.

Rubber stamps allow ease in completing repetitive tasks. For example, reminder cards and return addresses on envelopes. Stamps help inform customers that their payment is “Paid” or “Past Due”.

Rubber stamps come in a variety of styles. The classic rubber stamp with a wooden handle works with industrial, invisible, washable, or opaque inks. Self-inking rubber stamps allow you to stamp more quickly without the need to refresh the ink as with the traditional rubber stamp.

Oil-based ink provides elaborate details allowing for use with smaller, more intricate designs. You may also choose environmentally friendly options to help decrease the negative impact on our world.

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5 Creative Rubber Stamp Ideas to Increase the Visual Appeal of Your Product

Curb appeal increases traffic in your business.

Placing decorative touches which also include information about your business, accomplishes two purposes. One, it entices the customer to come in and look around. Second, in today’s self-service world, customers appreciate businesses who take the extra step to make their shopping experience wonderful.

#1 Logos on Packaging 

Decrease overhead expenses by purchasing blank bags and boxes for your products. You can customize the packaging with your logo, business information, and color theme via rubber stamps.

#2 Cloth Ribbon to Tie Around Products 

Buy rolls of cotton-type ribbon and stamp the name of your business and logo along the ribbon. This adds stylish accents to your products while advertising your business.

#3 Branding 

Stamps can add branding to receipts, invitations, thank you cards, and envelopes. Branding creates an image of your company name and logo in the customer’s mind. The goal of branding is to attract and retain loyal customers and increase referrals. If you want to look at a great example of branding, visit domyessay.com.

#4 Novelty and Holiday Greeting Cards

Show your customers that you care by sending cards to your established customers. These unique cards can hang as ornaments, fridge magnets, or be made into paper dolls or origami figures.

Add color, designs, and patterns on plain card stock purchased at an office supply store. This saves money compared to having cards custom printed. You can also promote sales by stamping a discount coupon on the card, for example, “Bring this card for 15% off your next purchase”.

#5 Add a Delightful Aroma 

Don’t forget to add a delightful fragrance. Stamp pads come in a variety of scents, including bubblegum, chocolate, grape, hyacinth, lemon, and cherry to name a few.

Customers love hand-made, creative touches found in small businesses.

3 Ways Rubber Stamps Can Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Increase productivity by looking for repetitive processes. Examples include, signing unofficial papers, labeling and pricing items. Rubber stamps can make these tasks quicker and decrease errors.

#1 Product Labels

Create your own product labels by purchasing boxes of plain labels. Then stamp the product information and your logo on them. This adds a personal touch for your business to enhance customer relationships.

#2 Admission Validation 

Stamps can serve as proof that customers have paid entrance fees to events. This also allows them to leave and re-enter without confusion about payment.

Event participants, especially pre-teens and teenagers, often do not wash these stamps off their hands immediately. This can generate questions about why they have the stamp. Your event attendees will often describe their experience, thus, providing free advertisement for your business.

#3 Add Signatures 

Signature stamps make completing letters, certificates, and other documents less time consuming. If your signature is used in a less formal settings, you may wish to add a sentiment to create a more personal feel for your customer.

You can also add a personal touch to bags and boxes with the business owner’s signature. Small details like this impress customers and urge them to return.

#4 Price Tags 

Buy blank price tags and stamp your business name and/or logo on the tag. You can also find stamps that allow you to dial in dollar amounts so that you can quickly price your products.

Increased income can often occur by decreasing the cost of running the business. All businesses rely on advertising to grow their business. This does not have to be a big part of your budget.

Are You Ready to Innovate Your Business?

Our site focuses on the small business with a shoestring budget. We offer ideas on sales strategies, retail marketing, e-commerce, and web development. To compete in the big world, the small business needs to have an online presence.

We have pages of resources to help you achieve your goals. Decreasing marketing costs requires innovation, such as investing in rubber stamps to limit cost and increase productivity.

Order a custom made rubber stamp that will catch customers’ attention and draw them to your business today!

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