How to Make Leaflets for Your Business Marketing


85% of consumers remember receiving leaflet marketing materials. Leaflet marketing could be an untapped opportunity for your business.

Go into marketing strategy development with a solid understanding of leaflet campaign optimization. You can't paste your logo on a blank postcard and hope the receiver will get back to you.

Follow the guidance in this article to hit all necessary points for a successful leaflet marketing campaign.

Determine a Marketing Objective

You aren't preparing a leaflet because you have spare time on your hands. Consider what your company is hoping to accomplish by producing leaflets. 

Are there services or products to highlight? Are the leaflets highlighting a series of events? 

Start with a marketing goal. This gives you a clear and focused path from conception to print.

Pick a Size Optimal for Your Project

The size and shape of your leaflet will determine your design and placement of copy. Determine what leaflet size and shape will work best for your business.

Standard sizes, such as A4, are available at most printers. There are options for customized dimensions. Contact your printing company for more information. 

New trends in dimensions give a way for contemporary companies to show off their brand style.

Leaflet Marketing Requires Thoughtful Design: Don't Skimp on This!

Content may be king, but the design is its queen. The right design will amp up your marketing messaging and catch the eye of prospects. 

Strategic use of space, color, and imagery allows for a more enjoyable experience for the consumer. Bring in a professional if you aren't sure how to create a leaflet to the quality standard needed for your products.

Secure a High-Quality Printing Company

With all the arduous hours put into perfecting your leaflet, it would be senseless to not invest in quality leaflet printing services. Be selective in the company you choose.

Besides quality and capability, the cost is a determining factor in the printing company you will be working with. Don't be afraid to collect quotes and speak with a variety of vendors to decide which will best suit your needs. 

Consider Your Distribution Strategy in Advance

If you aren't distributing your leaflets or considering how their distribution will affect all other factors in your marketing campaign, then you might need to head back to square one. Leaflet marketing can have various levels of success. It depends on your business compatibility with leaflet marketing. Another factor to success is distribution efforts.

If you are mailing your leaflets a standard size of leaflet will usually suffice. Whereas if you are attending events or distributing at trade shows then you should consider a more portable leaflet.

Take into account how you will be tracking these efforts. Without tracking you have little way of knowing if your design, CTA, and distribution have worked together to produce the perfect cocktail of marketing success.

Set Your Marketing Plan Into Action with Professional Grade Leaflets

Leaflet marketing has the potential to be overwhelming to the newbie. By following the main points covered in this article you are on your way to producing leaflets that result in consistent ROI for your company.

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