10 Tips for Hiring the Right Employment Agency

tips hiring right employment agency

Need help with your hiring needs?

Looking for a great employment agency?

A great recruiting agency can be a wonderful asset to your business and can help you avoid hiring the wrong candidates. However, it can be tricky to find a great agency that meets your needs perfectly and helps you find employees that you can depend on.

Luckily, we are here to help with 10 criteria of consideration for recruiters. Below we will tell you how to choose the right employment agency to work with.

1. Great Customer Service

The first thing you need to do when looking for a great recruiting agency is to make sure that you get along with them and that they will provide great customer service. Amazing recruiters like Beacon Legal should be easy to communicate with and should be responsive to your inquiries. They should always be working to over-deliver and provide for your hiring needs.

If the agency employees are hard-to-reach or are unfriendly when you first get in touch, this may be a sign that their customer service needs some work. As a result, you may want to look elsewhere for your recruiting needs.

2. Look for a Niche

You'll also want to check whether the recruiting agency you're considering has a specialty or if they have any proven experience finding staff in your industry. It's important to find an employment agency that knows the ins and outs of your industry and will be able to find the people that are perfect for your needs.

While a more generalized employment agency may be able to serve you well, it's ideal to find one that knows your industry well if you want to find the best employees that you can.

3. Consider Their Size

You should also take size into consideration when choosing a recruiting agency.

While a large agency likely will have a lot of resources at their disposal, a small company may be able to give you more individualized attention. On the other hand, a smaller agency may lack some of the manpower and resources that a larger company will have.

Make sure that you consider the size of the agency when choosing the right one for your business to work with. A mid-sized agency may end up being the ideal choice if you're looking for the best of both worlds.

4. Check the Price

Employment agencies tend to vary in the rates that they'll charge.

While you likely want to get the best bang for your buck, it's also important that you don't spend the bare minimum either. You often get what you pay for and if you pay too low of a price for recruiting you may not get the service that you need.

Negotiate your price carefully with the agency you're considering. Make sure that you're getting a good deal while also offering enough payment that they'll be dedicated to you and your needs.

5. Ask What Kind of Roles They Fill

When choosing a recruiting agency, you should also find out what type of roles they fill. Some agencies will only help with the hiring of temp employees, but many will help you fill full-time employees and other positions as well.

When considering an employment agency, be sure that you understand how they work and what they can do for your business. If you need to find full-time employees or temporary roles, make sure you discuss this with them beforehand.

6. Know Their Talent Sources

When choosing an employment agency, you should learn about the process and find out where they find talent.

Do they have a retainer of people on file that they'll dig through and send your way? Are they looking for candidates using online job boards? Or do they have some other method of sourcing talent?

By knowing about a company's talent sources you'll be able to get an idea of whether they'll be able to deliver the top candidates and if you'll end up getting your money's worth or not. An agency that uses a variety of methods will be more likely to find the best fit for your needs.

7. Find out How They Match Candidates

Just as important as finding out where candidates are coming from is finding out how the employment agency will be matching them with your company. Find out what the vetting process will be like for applicants and ensure that they'll be doing their due diligence to make sure they're a good match.

By ensuring that the agency will be thorough in their approach, you'll avoid having to deal with a lot of candidates who aren't right for your company.

8. Consider Their Reputation

There are many recruiting agencies out there and not all of them are as reliable as they may appear. It's important that you find out what you can about the company's history and about their reputation before you work with them.

First of all, find out how long they've been in business and what kind of reputation they have in your city. Research the agency online and you may find some reviews for the company that can tell you more about them and whether they're reliable or not.

If possible, you should also ask whether they have any references they can give you from satisfied companies that have worked with them in the past.

9. Look for Competitive Advantages

You should also find out if there is anything unique or special about the employment agency you're considering. See if the agency has any advantages or any special traits that may make them especially valuable for your company.

Do they have any special sourced for finding new employees? Does anything set them apart from the pack?

If the employment agency has any special features, it may help make your choice much easier. Be sure to ask about this when you're considering an agency.

10. Know Your Business Needs

One of the most important things you should do when looking for a recruiting agency to help you find employees is to be sure you know your needs. Before choosing an agency, be sure that you're clear on what your business needs are and what kind of recruits you'll be looking for.

By setting clear expectations for your business, you'll be more likely to find the agency that will help you meet your goals.

Using These Tips to Find the Right Employment Agency

Choosing the right employment agency can be hard work, so it's important that you keep the above tips in mind if you want to choose well. The tips above will help you find a great staffing agency that will serve your business well and help you ensure you have great people working for you at all times.

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