How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Candidates

Any business entrepreneur will tell you that their enterprise is their baby. Blood, sweat, and tears go into making a business from the ground up. As such, it’s not easy to hand over the reins.But, if all goes well, there will come a time when you can’t take care of things alone. When that time does come, it can be a struggle. The chances are that you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure the people you employ will take care of the business you’ve worked so hard for. That’s why we’re going to look at a few checks you should take to protect your business from bad employees. 


Background checks are the first thing to consider. These will give you the most accurate picture of your applicant. Of course, the appropriate checks all depend on what business you’re dealing in. Thorough checks are necessary for any business where children or vulnerable adults are concerned. In more general working environments, though, references should be all you need. For the most part, these will be your most reliable source. Mistakes in someone’s past may not mean they’re unsuitable for the job. Speaking with their recent employers could paint an entirely different picture. And, the opinions of the individual as a worker should be what matter the most. Be wary if past employers refuse to give a reference. While they aren’t allowed to give a bad reference, a refusal is a sure sign that things didn’t end well.


It may also be worth carrying out safety checks on applicants who get a fair way into the interview stages. You don’t want to do these on everyone you interview. Perhaps leave them until the last stage of the application process. Again, the safety checks you choose to use all depend on your business. With use of heavy machinery, onsite drug and alcohol testing may be necessary to ensure the safety of everyone. You can’t risk your drivers being intoxicated. If you work with dangerous chemicals, you need to ensure your employees know what they’re doing. In that case, a written test may be your best bet. Taking precautions like these ensure the safety of the individual in question, and everyone else. Make sure you don’t cut corners here. 


Official stuff aside, one of the best ways to judge whether someone would be a good fit is to speak to them. If you can, keep aside a section of the interview in which you have a general chat. Small things, like body language and general demeanor, reveal a lot about a person. 

If they’re smiley, chatty, and making constant eye contact, you may be onto a winner. If they’re nervous, shifty or hostile during the job interview, they may not be the best fit. This step is more important than you might think. An applicant could be perfect on paper, yet in person, the two of you may not gel. And, that’s more than enough reason to look elsewhere.

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