5 Simple Steps To Increase Computer Speed

simple steps to increase computer speed tips for faster laptop

Almost all computers get slow speed after a time. When the computer decline into sloth-like speeds most people wants to get rid of their old computer and avail a new one. But instead of that, you can take our computer help that is very cost effective and straightforward way to make your computer run as fast as a new machine. 

Simple Ways To Increase The Speed Of The Computer 

The following are some ways by which you can increase the speed and overall performance of your computer: 

Uninstalling The Unnecessary Applications

Generally, it is seen that all computers come up with a number of applications that people do not use. No matter whether you use those applications or not but they certainly eat up your system resources. In technical terms, these kinds of applications are called bloatware. So, it is highly necessary to uninstall this bloatware if you want to increase the speed of your computer. 

Actually, whether you open this application or not, these applications execute some background processes to ensure the application is installed properly or not. Therefore these applications eat space of processor and speed of computer the gets slow. When you will delete that bloatware from the computer it will free up the disk space which will ultimately result in enhancing the speed of the computer and its overall performance. 

Apart from that, it is always advisable to not to install unnecessary applications. In some case, it may be seen that you may need an application for a particular period of time and then you do not use it anymore. In such a case you should always uninstall the application when it is no more required. 

Limiting The Program At The Startup

Many times it is seen that the computer takes a lot of time to startup. Sometimes the booting time of the computer takes so much time that you can brew your entire pot of coffee by that time. This happens because when turning on your computer dozens of program is turned on which results in slowing down the speed of the computer. So, the best way to deal with this problem is to download a comprehensive tool such as Autoruns which can automatically disable certain programs at the time of startup such as secondary antivirus programs

Add More RAM To Your Computer

The most common practice for increasing the speed of the computer is to add some more Random Access Memory (RAM) into the computer. Increasing RAM means enhancing the virtual memory of the system. It is seen that soon after adding additional RAM the speed of the computer increases. This happens because when the RAM of your computer becomes full the Window operating system of your computer can use the virtual memory for running your program. This practice of adding extra RAM has been working for years. However, when it comes to Windows 10 it is observed that it uses less RAM as compared to its earlier versions. Adding extra RAM is certainly an easier option and it a cheaper method to increase the speed of the computer. 

Disable The Unnecessary Background Process

Another important way to increase the speed of your computer is to disable the unnecessary process and service that are going on in the background when you are doing a particular work. However, Windows 10 comes up with an updated Task Manager which makes it easier for the user to find out what are the programs that are running in the background. For accessing the Task Manager you have to press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. The task manager window will appear when you can see the list of the programs that are running in the background. You can click on the background program and click on the End Task. 

But if you are using another version of Windows operating system then you have to press Ctrl + Alt + Del key together and after that click on the Task manager. When the Task manager window will open right-click on the background process and click on the ‘Open Services’ option. Then the Services window will open and right-click on the unnecessary process and disable it. This is how you can easily disable the unnecessary process that is running in the background and making the complete process of your computer slow. 

Using Disk Clean Up And Defragmentation

In all computers, there may be a number of files and programs on the hard drive that have not been in use for a longer period of time. Due to these unnecessary files and programs, the computer slows down to a great extent. In such case, it is necessary to go for the Disk Clean Up process which allows you to find out those applications and files that can be deleted from the computer and easily free up your drive space. From the startup, you can directly go to the disk clean up window which will show you all the temporary files, installer applications, a web page that you have not used for a long time or which are no longer necessary for you. From there you can delete those unnecessary files and applications and clear up some space. 

However, the effectiveness of disk clean-up process also depends on how much RAM you have on your computer. Because the RAM of your computer is already filled up then even if you go for disk clean up and defragmentation process then also your computer will be slow. So, it is always advisable that before going for disk fragmentation and disk clean-up process you should check the condition of your RAM and if necessary add additional RAM for getting the best result. 

Keep Your Computer Running At Light Speed

We all use our computers daily for important business and personal uses, so keeping our computers fast is essential. Keep these 5 tips in mind to ensure your computer can keep up with your needs and your laptops have the processing power potential.

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