5 Website Ideas To Keep Visitors Coming Back

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There are over a billion websites on the internet right now, and this number only seems to be growing. 

Although not all of these websites belong to our niche, we can still face a lot of competition. But how do we stand out from other sites and cause our readers to return on a regular basis?

Here are 5 unique website ideas to help make our webpages innovative and awesome:

1. Create A User-Friendly Layout

Many sites have great content, but readers have to find it first. A user-friendly layout can help them find exactly what they need in the fastest way possible.

An innovative website design can also make visitors stick around longer because they'll be able to easily find and explore more of our awesome site.

And the more helpful info they can discover, the more likely they are to come back in the future. 

A neat layout also makes our contact page and email list sign up more easily findable, making leads more likely.

2. Post Helpful Content

People love free advice to help answer their questions and solve their problems. This means helpful posts are the way to go when wanting to gain repeat viewers.

Rather than investing in traditional advertising, consider starting a social media account, blog, or email list to better connect with the target market.

Also, we need to make sure to establish our own domain name. Not only will it make our website look more trustworthy, but it will also be easier for readers to remember.  

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3. Stay Consistent

Posting awesome content in a consistent rhythm shows readers we're reliable and can help establish trust, a key element to gain more conversions.

Staying consistent with our posting can cause our readers to come back on a more regular basis—potentially causing our website to become a habit to them.

More posts also generate more views because our website will be filled with more information for people to discover via the google search engine.

4. Connect With Your Audience

Asking relevant questions at the end of posts as well as replying to comments is a great way to establish a connection with readers.

Another way we can connect is to host webinars or invite guest posts from our viewers. Speaking of guest posts, if you'd like to write with us, check out this post!

By making our audience feel included and noticed on our site, we are establishing a positive connection that may make them return in the future.

5. Act Like A Reader

Pretend you're a reader for a second and look through your website as if you've never been to it before.

What do we notice? Are the posts easily findable, or are too many ads blocking the way? Where is the contact page? Can we find it quickly?

Knowing what we do well and what we need to improve on can help us establish an innovative website design that makes our site even better.

Also, getting friends or other small business owners (not competition) to look over our site can give us constructive feedback and more unique website ideas we haven't considered before.

Final Thoughts on Unique Website Ideas

Gaining repeat viewers for your business blog or company website is not an impossible task. Make sure you try these unique website ideas to help keep visitors coming back. 

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