5 New Snacks That Are Disrupting The Food Industry

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Both the snack (multi-billion dollar industry) and food (multi-trillion dollar industry) industries have changed a great deal over the last couple of decades. There have been huge movements to eat healthier overall while maintaining or improving both taste and selection. 

Major trends like low-sugar, gluten-free, nut-free, and organic ingredients are here to stay due to trending diets, allergies, and a growing number of health studies. Protein and natural ingredients are in demand while  many items with sugar and processed ingredients are on the decline.

I've followed these trends closely from different angles as certified personal trainer / nutritionist with a degree in exercise physiology, and as a marketing manager for a large gas station and convenience store chain. I've seen the health recommendations, analyzed consumer buying behavior, and tried out nearly every snack food available in the process. 

The top new food industry disruptors are both healthy for consumers and profitable for the stores, cafes, restaurants, and websites that offer them to customers. 

Top new snacks are changing the food industry forever because they are giving customers what they want and what they need. Here are 5 of the best new snacks disrupting the food industry that you need to try out yourself or stock in your stores and restaurants:

1. Perk!er 

If you want a hip new snack with terrific taste and nutritional value, Perk!er snacks are a great option. They are a brand new company disrupting the snack industry in the UK and beyond. Their products are proudly make free of palm oil because the palm industry has caused dangerous disruptions to the environment. Their bites and bars are filled with responsibly sourced and delicious healthy ingredients rich in antioxidants, protein, and fiber. Perk up your snacking today with Perk!er bars! 

kind bars snack bar food industry disruptors

2. KIND Bars

Kind bars have been a very popular new snack option for health conscious snackers in the UK, US, and beyond since 2004. KIND has always been committed to bringing you the most wholesome and delicious snacks with the highest-quality ingredients. They promise to:

- Craft snacks made with real food
- Treating ingredients with integrity and kindness
- Achieve a balance of health and taste
- Providing transparency about added sugar

Try a kind bar for yourself and you'll be glad you did!

delicious ideas food group snackideas snack industry disruptors

3. Delicious Ideas

One company making major strides in disrupting the food industry is Delicious Ideas Food Group. This brand offers a wide variety of snacks and bars under it's family of brands including Healthy Ideas, Delicious Ideas, Snack Ideas, and Sweet Ideas. You'll find trail mix, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, energy / protein bars, sugar free candy and many other options to stock at your business. Many of their offerings are gluten free snacks, dairy free, or vegan as well. 

This snack and confectionery wholesaler / distributor based in Peterborough supplies food service companies throughout the UK along with universities, hospitals, airports, train stations and a variety of other locations.

Their Manasty Packing division also private label packing that offers dry food product packaging including confectionery, snack lines, and cereal.

Whatever your personal nutrition and food business needs are, Delicious Ideas Food Group is the company you need to work with.

trek whole food energy bars protein bar

4.  Trek Protein Bars

Are you sick of the same old heavy protein bars that taste like you are eating clay? Protein and energy bars have come a long way, and Trek Protein Bars and Trek Energy Bars are the latest example of the industry advancements. Trek offers flapjack protein bars and whole food energy bars that are all gluten free and dairy free. The fantastic flavors and textures are sure to win over you and your customers seeking new nutritional options.

sesame snaps healthy snacks

5.  Sesame Snaps

Sesame Snaps are sesame seed snack bars that come in plain, chocolate, and yogurt. The sesame provides a subtle but delicious nutty flavor but without the risk of peanut or other nut allergies. Sesame snaps, along with their unique flavor, also contain an excellent source of nutrients including heart healthy fats, protein, fiber, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, vitamin B6, calcium, and vitamin E. The great taste of Sesame Snaps along with their nutritional advantages mean that they will produce strong sales for your business.

healthy snacks disrupting food industry all natural protein bars energy bar

Super Snacks Disrupting The Food Industry Significantly

Snacks are evolving with the wants and needs of consumers that want increasingly healthy and environmentally friendly brands. These five snacks are continuing the trend of healthier foods (that are still delicious) with a unique offering that customers are craving. Try out these brands disrupting the food industry today for yourself or stock them in your cafe, convenience store, gas station, snack shop, variety store, or supermarket!

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