6 Outstanding Online Investment Opportunities

outstanding online investment opportunities stock market crowd bonds

What is one thing that all smart and wealthy people do? They invest! And they invest strategically and substantially to make major money that builds real long-lasting wealth. But how do you get started with investing? And what are the best investment opportunities available online to earn a great return?

Read more below to learn about 6 outstanding online investment opportunities that are as easy as setting up an account login:

Crowd Bonds

We are all familiar with investing in traditional bonds for lower risk investments and fixed interest rates. With Crowd Bonds, you can buy a wider variety of promising crowdfunded bonds issued by small and mid-size businesses. Interest rates with these crowdfunded bonds are typically much higher than traditional bonds available from banks or stock exchanges. With The Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), you can also get your bond interest tax-free! To learn more about Crowd Bonds, read about top Online Investment Opportunities.

Online 401k / IRA / Retirement Account

One of the smartest investments you can make online is starting or growing your 401k, IRA, or other comparable retirement account. These accounts are tax shielded so you won't have to worry about paying taxes on your interest or capital gains until you cash it out at the minimum age. They are also usually pretty well diversified, and if it's a 401k account your employer may match your contributions to it. Just make sure you don't need to withdraw any money before your minimum age of penalty-free withdrawal. 


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin may have experienced some major volatility over the last year, but they are here to stay. These anonymous currencies powered by blockchain technology are only growing in number and popularity every year. You can purchase crypto for low prices these days after the ups and downs of last year and make a major profit when the prices go back up. 

Single Stocks 

When it comes to investing online, it's never been easier to buy and sell individual stocks and funds. The selection of stock trading platforms has never been higher and they have all improved over the years due to such tight competition. Choose the one that has the lowest fees, largest selection, and fastest transactions.

outstanding online investment opportunities

Startup Investment

If you don't want to invest in publicly held companies, you can invest directly with privately held startups and other small businesses. While the investment options aren't listed on any stock exchanges, you can still invest in reputable businesses online as an angel investor or with others as part of a venture capital firm. While these investments could be a little riskier, the potential for huge return on investment is typically much higher as well. No risk, no reward!

Real Estate

One of the oldest and most profitable investment methods is to invest in real estate. There is a wide variety of real estate investment opportunities online to invest in residential or commercial property. You can even go in as part of a team to invest in large commercial properties being built or developed.

Seize The Investment Opportunity

You know what they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained. And it takes money to make money. Even if it's just a small amount, it's time for you to start investing or diversify your existing investments online.

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