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Running a business as frugally as possible doesn’t always mean pinching every penny you can. Avoiding frivolous spending is all well and good, and very much part of the plan. But there is spending that’s far from frivolous. In fact, failing to spend when you really should can be just as bad for business. So, we’re going to take a look at some of the investments that you need to consider making. They’re crucial to improving efficiency, to getting more done, and to growing the business.

Process Improvement 

The profit you make from the business is, in big part, going to be determined by the work you do or your products you sell. If you can streamline the process of manufacturing or of the average workplace process, it means you can get a lot more done in any one day. The more you get done, the more potential profit you can earn in that day. How you streamline those processes is a matter of the business you’re in. It might mean investing in automating software to help you take care of things like marketing, HR, finance, and admin so you can spend more time on the work that makes money. In manufacturing, it might mean more efficient machinery to help speed the process of creating every product. 

The Team 

The process of building, training, and empowering the team is one of the most important. If you’re willing to spend money there, it can mean not only a happier workplace culture but real savings for you. Investing in recruitment agencies can, for instance, reduce the amount of time wasted interviewing applicants not truly suited to the position. Investing in training can save you a lot of the time and man-hours it would take to get every new hire up to speed internally. It might not seem as necessary, but investing in team-building consulting can have real financial impacts, too. By creating a positive culture within the workplace, you can reduce your rate of retention, meaning you save money on the hiring and training process you have to undertake every time you lose an old employee and need a new one.


There are many different ways to market your business. Some of them can be incredibly cost-effective, such as writing your own content and focusing on search engine optimization. However, when it comes to giving a near-immediate boost in sales and potential revenue gains, direct advertising such as pay-per-click and video marketing are some of the most effective ways of doing it. If you’re new to marketing, either the concept of branding or the methods of doing such, like social media or web marketing, it’s more than worth the cost of hiring digital marketing services to act as a paid mentor, too. 

The Tech 

In part, the tech of the business is covered by the software and hardware necessary for the step of process improvement. But as a business grows, it needs a new kind of tech, too. In particular, many businesses turn to creating an internal network that allows for much more efficient sharing and management of digital resources and a level of security that other sharing methods might not allow for. Beyond investing in the necessary hardware, hiring IT support is an investment well-worth considering. 

Many businesses hire an internal support team and, eventually, that should be the aim of your business, too. However, if your network is still growing or you’re still learning what it takes to keep it functional, it can be a lot more cost-effective to use an external team and get access to some of the best equipped IT minds in the business. Having a top IT team is a smart insurance policy against cybersecurity and other expensive liabilities.


Both your tech and your physical belongings have to be protected, too. The risk of crime is a reality for everyone and businesses are targeted because they often have more of worth than the average individual. Part of your IT support investment should include securing your network and investing in top-of-the-line anti-malware software. For your physical goods, you can invest in protections such as inventory tracking with GPS devices attached to your most valuable resources, or CCTV circuits and reinforced doors and windows for the property. Often, beyond providing an extra level of security that any criminals would have to try bypass, these act as a powerful deterrent. 


When we talk about protecting the business, we don’t mean in the same way that the security measures above would protect it. Rather, we mean protecting your business from the financial harm of losing some of its more expensive assets. Getting insurance for your property and the business contents is as important as getting insurance packages like covering your employees in the case of workplace injury, even if it isn’t legally required. If you lose goods due to a natural disaster, for instance, the cost of replacing them can be entirely too much to bear, in which case insurance is there to help bail you out. Similarly, it’s worth investing some money in something of an emergency fund for those twists and turns that insurance won’t normally cover.

Money Matters 

Frugal as you might be, and as confident as you are in your skills with money, if you haven’t been specifically educated to deal with it, you could probably use help from a real chartered accountant. Not only can they help tidy up all your books and keep your finances straight. They can be a fundamental advisor on tax, ensuring you’re not paying as much as you have to. A good accountant can even help you weigh the return-on-investment for some of the more major financial decisions you have to make or help you acquire better loans when you need them. A good accountant is a trusted advisor, not just a bean-counter. 

Invest Right

Making the right investments at the right time is crucial to sustaining a business’s upward trajectory. Find your opportunities to save, avoid unnecessary spending, but be aware of the opportunities where a little cash could do the business a lot of good.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about determining which areas of business are worth investing the most in and what have low ROI. 

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