7 Ways Glass Trailers Help With Experiential Marketing

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Businesses are willing to allocate a significant part of their advertising and marketing budget to experiential marketing. The audience no longer wants to see the same product ads on billboards featuring celebrities. The people of Los Angeles want something more than that – they want to "feel" the brand. Brands are now looking forward to engaging with their target consumers via exclusive events. 

For some, these exclusive events include cultural events like Coachella and Burning Man, and for others, it includes something simpler and time-tested. The latter group of businesses typically look for economic engagement options that might consist of ideas along the lines of food trucks, mobile stores, and shipping container stores. 

How To Use Glass Trucks For Engagement Marketing 

The landscape and demographics of Los Angeles give the marketers plenty of uses of mobile marketing glass trailers. Here are the seven ways you can engage your target consumers using experiential glass trucks – 

1. Product Sampling 

Are you about to launch a new flavor of ice cream or a new range of cosmetics? You can do that from your experiential marketing truck in any locality in LA. You should be careful about choosing the right vehicle since many cannot handle long distance drives. Step vehicles are ideal for short-distance travels and displays. 

2. Product Demonstration 

Whether you want to launch a new range of clothing or footwear, you can display the new collection on the trailer. Turn your glass truck into a fitting room that you can drive to festivals. People can step in, try the latest products and enjoy the brand-feel in person. When you drive a branded truck around town, you carry a slice of the brand experience with you. 

3. Display Your Products 

Every new design and innovation deserves fascinated stares, awestruck compliments, and endless applause. People of LA need to see the latest products your brand has to offer for their convenience and luxury. Apart from on-site displays, you can utilize an all-sided glass truck for giving the people of the city and the suburbs a glimpse of the goodness your company has in store for them. Whether you want to station it on the ground of a large music festival or drive it across the city during the rush hour; it should improve your brand recall and establish a familiarity with the people of LA. 

4. Win Trade Shows 

Trade shows are the hubs of all businesses and the best platforms for launching new products. However, with hundreds of brands present, it becomes difficult for one new brand to gain deserved attention. With all-side modern glass trucks, the task becomes incredibly easy. It eliminates the cost of setting up shop, and the uniqueness of the entire setup draws the attention of hundreds. When opting for a glass truck for trade show purposes, you can try renting one with a detachable tongue. It will save space and elevate the consumer experience. 

5. Showcase Services 

When a brand does not sell food, cosmetics or apparel, showcasing their products or services can be a challenge. Service companies in LA still need to reach the audience and drive engagement. Here, service trucks can be of help. You can offer free dental checkup, hand sanitization services, free steaming and ironing services for small items, free haircuts or shaves for participants of a contest, and more depending on the scope of your business. Glass trucks for experiential marketing are brilliant for providing consumers a way to engage with your brand. 

6. Performance Platforms 

You can attract an audience through live performances. Whether it is a DJ performance or an open mic, you can reach out to the target consumers with ease by leveraging something they can hear, see and feel. Music speaks to everyone, and there is no better way to gather a new audience than to play live music. A large trailer truck can accommodate full bands, but small glass trucks can give the audience an elegant 360-degree view of the performer, and his or her setup from all angles. Music trailers are the best option if you are hoping to set up shop on music or cultural festival grounds. 

7. Educating Consumers 

Educating the audience is very important for every brand. You might want to tell them how your brand produces environmentally friendly products or how your products are trying to build a better tomorrow. Depending on your brand, you can set up pet enclosures, marine tanks or hanging gardens for children. Or, you can set up displays and aquariums for the adults. 

Get Going With Glass Trailers

Glass trailers are the future of marketing that touches the audience. You must remember that people of Los Angeles want to engage with every brand they come across. Consumer loyalty is the most significant achievement for any enterprise, and it can drive both sales and profit. They require a certain level of tangibility before they become ready to pledge their loyalty.

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