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The widespread legalization of marijuana in the US and Canada presents investors with an opportunity that hasn’t been seen since, perhaps, the end of the prohibition on alcohol! Now that both medicinal and recreational marijuana are legal and business is booming, it seems incredible that this substance was ever outlawed. 

Here are a few reasons why this is the moment to invest in the cannabis industry. 

A Lot Of People Smoke Marijuana 

There has never been a better time to invest in the budding cannabis industry than right now because marijuana is popular: as many as 4.2 million Canadians, or 14% of the county, have consumed it within the past three months. 

It turns out that more Canadians smoke marijuana than the government thought. This number may very well increase, as there are people willing to try cannabis now that it is finally legal and the cloud of stigma hanging over the plant is disappearing. 

Over 10% of Americans also at least occasionally partake in marijuana and it is only growing from there. These millions of people essentially present an entire new demographic to target, because they were previously only serviced by the black market. It is very rare for a new industry to rise from nowhere so suddenly, especially a market this enormous and growing like weed products

Think Beyond The “Stoner” Image 

For years, the public’s preconceptions about marijuana usage were shaped by political anti-drug hysteria, or images from Hollywood. The fact is many different kinds of people consume cannabis for different reasons. Whether it is for medicine, anxiety reduction or purely recreational, a large cross-section of society uses marijuana. 

As if to combat the image leftover from the days when it was illegal, when marijuana was subversive for being unfairly associated with crime or “lazy stoners,” now, even America’s master homemaker Martha Stewart has entered the cannabis industry. This is an important stamp of approval. 

Don’t miss out on such an incredible opportunity to invest because the stigma of the past makes you fail to appreciate how quickly cannabis is gaining mainstream acceptance in Canada and the US. 

Governments Have Accepted The New Reality 

Politicians who previously backed keeping cannabis illegal have changed their mind, as they have been caught up in the wave of popular support for the plant. Whether politicians have reversed their views because they want to reflect the changing attitudes of the electorate or because they are convinced by the business case, opposition to marijuana from those entrenched quarters is disappearing faster than advocates may have anticipated. 

In late 2018, more than 6 in 10 Americans supported legalizing cannabis. This has doubled since the year 2000, when only 31% of Americans were in favour of legalization. The trend is clear. 

Investors with concerns about American anti-drug attitudes, and the effect they fear this may have on cannabis policy, have nothing to worry about. If anything, take advantage of the stigma that still lingers by letting it hold other investors back, so you can enter the industry now before things really take off. 


The marijuana industry is not only giving cannabis users what they want, it presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for investors. Cashing in on cannabis is a moment you can’t afford to miss.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the bud business and why it's smart to cash in now on the burgeoning marijuana industry.

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