How To Create An Escape Room Business Plan

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Escape rooms are a global phenomenon. More than 2,300 facilities are now available in the U.S. alone. Featuring interactive games and exciting new challenges, these venues appeal to children and grownups alike. 

Each game is unique, pushing you to leave your comfort zone. You may find yourself trying to escape from a jail cell, robbing a bank and running away before you get caught, or playing the detective. For a short moment, you can forget about your everyday worries and become one with your character. 

Have you ever considered starting your own escape room business? You'll have fun, gain financial freedom, and make an impact in your community. The most successful businesses in this niche generate as much as $600,000 a year

Wondering how to get started? Check out this quick escape room business plan for inspiration! 

Research The Market 

Start by researching the escape room market and industry trends. Try to find out how many other escape rooms are in your area, what makes them successful, and how they market themselves. 

Join Facebook groups and online communities in this niche, such as Escape Room Reddit, Escape Room Startups, and Escape Room Exchange. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, ask questions, and read success stories. 

Draft An Escape Room Business Plan 

Define your niche and target audience. Think about what games and puzzles you’ll offer, how long the game will last, and who will be playing it. In general, escape room games last around 45 minutes to one hour. 

Choose a story theme or genre, such as science, fantasy, horror, or modern era. Your imagination is the only limit — you get as creative as you want with your escape room. Play a lot of games until you find your niche. 

Determine whether you will promote your business to teenagers, corporate groups, families, or young adults. Make a list of supplies and equipment that align with your vision. Include everything in your business plan. 

Also, try to figure out how many employees you'll need, how you will promote your escape room, and where it is going to be located. Come up with a rough estimate of your expenses and revenue. 

Get Licenses And Permits 

Next, take the steps needed to legalize your business. Choose a catchy name and a legal structure, register with the secretary of state, and obtain a tax ID number from the IRS. Contact the local chamber of commerce to find out what permits and licenses are required for this type of business. Depending on your location, you may need a general business license, zoning permits, signage permits, and permits from the local fire department. 

Promote Your Escape Room Business 

Get creative with your marketing efforts. Create and post videos on YouTube, set up a website and Facebook page, and list your business in local directories. 

Consider offering a free session or mini-game to first-time customers. Spread the news on Facebook and encourage your fans to sign up. Ask for reviews and post them on your website and social media pages. 

Attend trade shows and industry-related events in your area. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and meet other entrepreneurs. Team up with other local businesses, such as pubs or sports equipment stores, to promote each other. 

Come Up With A Winning Strategy 

This escape room business plan only covers the basics. What you need to do is to customize it according to your needs and goals. Start with market research, define your audience, study your competitors, and tackle the financial aspects. 

Perhaps you're concerned about the costs involved? Don't fret. Use these foolproof strategies to save money when starting your business!

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