Top Benefits of Surveillance Systems in Schools

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You admit your child to a big school and think that your kid is safe. Then, is it safe just because it is a reputed institution? We are not here you scare you. Remember the bigger the school, the more unsafe it becomes for your children if there are no security systems in place. However, with modern video surveillance technology and devices, the safety of your little ones has been ensured over the years. When it comes to popular schools, the authorities had invested thousands of dollars in keeping all students safe. You might be wondering how. Are you still feeling skeptical? Fret not. Here are the top benefits of surveillance systems in schools: 

Prevents Crimes 

When security cameras are installed in the right places, they help in reducing break-ins and criminal activities. No one likes to show their face on camera when doing misdeeds. Even the smartest criminals fear CCTV cameras. A student will identify a miscreant in the camera and show it to teachers and parents, and identify the miscreant. It will make the other students aware of the activities recorded in real-time. Some students like to bully others; especially they look for soft targets. Then, when a bully knows that he will be caught on camera, he will stop terrorizing the other children. 

Keep Away Intruders 

It is true that schools are targets for criminals and intruders. Thieves and kidnappers prey on kids because they are easy targets. With surveillance system Philadelphia, intruders will keep away from the school premises because they know they will be caught sooner or later. They cannot pass the gates unmonitored. When you have high-end camera systems installed, you can prevent the entry of intruders into the school premises. 

Monitors Remote Entrance And Exit Zones 

Watching out the entry and exit points are essential for the safety of school kids. With smart surveillance systems having motion detection technology in the pre-defined areas, a miscreant will come to the notice of the authorities instantly. There is no way an unscrupulous person can dodge these smart cameras. With motion detection cameras, you will be able to who enters the school premises and what he or she is up to. 

What are they trying to do? Are they talking to the innocent kids and luring them out of the school premises? All such activities will come under the camera. It will ensure the safety of your kids. You can monitor all activities through a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other web-enabled devices. All teachers, security guards, and other authorized staff can access the video footage

Keep An Eye On The Bathroom Entrance 

Many untoward incidents occur in school bathrooms. Sometimes, school staff may assault female students in toilets, if unobserved and not monitored properly. Though you cannot install cameras in bathrooms, you can always set up security systems close to bathroom entrances for the safety of school kids, especially girls. This way, the school authorities can keep an eye on all students entering and leaving the school toilets. 


Installing surveillance systems in schools will keep your children safe. It will help you trust the institution’s authorities, so it will be a wise investment to make.

Author Sujain Thomas is a Technical Support Specialist at Invision Security Group. She has a degree in Applied Computer Technology, and over 4 years of experience in the security camera industry. She has in-depth knowledge of security products and is a master at online guide creation. Her easy to follow guides allow users to learn and execute complex functions offered by security products.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the big benefits of surveillance systems in schools to provide security camera protection.

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