8 Affordable Security Measures For Every Business

affordable security  measures for businesses

Every business owner should be concerned about their company’s security. The trouble is that these days it can be costly on both your time and your money. Setting everything up can be stressful, and there are simply too many choices on the market. That said, there is still a great need to improve security online and in the workplace. A little time and spend now might save your business heartache and bad PR in the future. Of course, there are a few small changes that will help with big results: 


Never before has it been so easy to install cameras in and around your workplace. They can be small, and they can provide a high-resolution image. And no, they don’t need to cost you much at all. If you’re worried about the cost of monitoring, why not use an internet-connected system that you can log into whenever you want? Even a budget baby monitor might do the trick. There is no need to spend big and no need for super high-tech either. Does it work? Is it worth the risk to find out? CCTV's can be the answer you need.

Seeing CCTV cameras around the inside and outside of your business premises might be enough to deter any potential criminals. You can also collect footage of suspicious activity in the area. This might help you determine if you are about to be targeted. Cameras could become a very worthwhile investment. They might drive down the cost of your other security requirements or insurance. 

Window Locks 

This is one of the simplest and easiest things you can consider doing. Locking every window will act as a deterrent to would-be thieves and make it much more difficult for them to do their job. It’s harder to smash a window than you might think and a locked frame means that an intruder would have to bypass the broken glass. Window locks can also bring down your insurance costs if you mention them when you renew your policy. 

Never Alone 

It’s not just your business premises that you need to secure. You need to ensure your workforce is safe too. Enforce a policy that means no worker is ever left alone in the office. This might not be an issue if you run your business from home. However, if you deliver valuables to a bank or other drop-off, make sure you have some company. The downside of this might be the additional cost in pay. Of course, you could always put a blanket ban on staying late. Or you might choose to be that second person yourself. 

Workforce Handbooks 

It is essential every member of staff is fully versed in company procedures. It's another solid investment to make. This should definitely include security protocols and emergency procedures. Some training might need to be undertaken too. Ultimately, you are looking to offer a safe and secure environment for working in. You need to make it clear what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. And if you’re trying to cut back on stationery costs, make sure everyone knows to be frugal here too. 

Lock It All Away 

Offer every employee a lockable drawer or locker to store their personal belongings. This keeps valuables out of sight and offers each worker the security they need when in the workplace. You should also lock away all your sensitive documents and anything that contains personal details. This might include HR files, customer orders, or even invoices. Companies like Eastway Lock offer safes and high-security locks for doors. These might help you to add the maximum security you need for your office documents. It can also help you to defend your trade secrets. 

Entry Code Systems 

Using a unique code for each worker means you can track their movement within your business premises. You’ll know how long they took for lunch and what time they went home. Most importantly, you’ll be able to see any suspicious activity. You can also prevent non-authorized personnel from accessing sensitive areas. These systems vary in price. You can choose from a simple number keypad code entry to a more sophisticated fingerprint scan. One of the most cost-effective and preferred methods is the card scan or swipe. 

Password Protect Each Device 

Employees often need to take their work devices home with them. As flexible working practices continue to evolve, this is likely to happen more and more. You should ensure each of your devices and computers has a password protection for access. This should occur on a timer from inactivity as well as on startup. 

You should also apply a password to sensitive documents online or collaborative working. It costs nothing to set this up but a moment or two of your time. However, it might save you thousands in losses should any data be seen by unauthorized people. Imagine the PR disaster if your customer data was viewed or even copied and stolen? As a cost-effective security measure, this one is essential. Set up your password requirements in settings.

Better Locks On The Office Door And Building Door 

Whether you run your business from home or you own an entire office block, the locks on the door need to be high quality. There are many different types, but a multipoint lock is a bare minimum you should be considering. The doors you choose might need to conform to certain regulations too. For example, you might need them to have a particular fire resistance rating. 

If nothing else, you need your door to your office to be as indestructible as possible. This deters and prevents thefts. The harder you make it to access your important items or documents, the better. Why not add some lighting that comes on when someone approaches the door? This simple approach offers both safety and security. Make sure there are no spare keys left lying about and don’t label the key fob. 


It’s not always easy to implement security options for your business. If your budget is a little tight, why not try some of these solutions to improve the security for your company? Just adding one might help avoid a future theft attempt. Think of it as another investment that could pay large dividends and maybe even save your business.

I hope you enjoyed this article about affordable security measures that every business could benefit from

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