4 Things Your Business Is Missing

things your business is missing

The business world works in cycles in regards of employment. At times there are levels of high unemployment and other times feature low unemployment. Competition for employees can be fierce during low unemployment because the size of the available workforce is much smaller than times of high unemployment. As of last year, employees changed jobs on average every 4.2 years. During these periods of low unemployment, just offering an attractive wage is not necessarily enough to draw high quality employees to your business and keep them away from the competition. 

Using Automated Corrections Through Artificial Intelligence Programs 

Programs that correct typing and formatting are becoming common in the workplace. Most people have experienced using these on cellphones and sometimes can be appalled looking at the changes the AI made. This is why it's important for companies to use automated correction software that learns over time using artificial intelligence. Purchasing one that allows employees to reject proposed changes will result in less frustration as well. This is an evolving technology that saves time, but the key is choosing the software with the best features for accuracy. 

Flexible Scheduling 

At one time it seemed like telework and flex schedules were rarely seen outside of government jobs. Today, many private sector companies offer these options to their employees. It improves employee morale by proving their employer values a work-life balance. Some companies even let their employee choose which weekday to take off when working 40 hours in a 4-day week. This can reduce employee absence and tardiness as activities can be completed on that day off during the week. 

Providing Entertainment For Your Employees 

Companies realize today that with the potential for longer days in the office, employees have less personal time on the days they are working To help their employees relax many companies have turned their lunch rooms into lunch and entertainment rooms. These rooms have large screen televisions with sporting events on them, and feature arcade games or table games such as pool and table tennis for their employees. To attract employees some businesses now provide free lunches once or more during the week. 

Businesses Now Offer Reward Programs 

Reward programs have become more popular in customer service industries. These reward programs are designed to reward employees for exceptional customer service. Sometimes based on unsolicited positive feedback and other times as the result of positive responses on surveys, employees receive "customer service points". 

These points can then be redeemed for a variety of items. It might be entertainment items such as a smart watch or game system for home. Other options are gift certificates to other local businesses such as restaurants, movie theaters, and sporting events. The program encourages exceptional service and shows the employees their contributions are appreciated. 

The Business World Has Changed 

Employers must now realize that they no longer hold all the power in hiring decisions. Employees frequently turn down offers because they are being recruited by multiple employers. This means that businesses need to differentiate by making work easier using AI, providing entertainment and rewards for employees, and being flexible with work schedules. The workplace is no longer full of employees that stay with one employer for decades. It's a world of "What have you done for me lately", with employees acting as free agents do in major league sports

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