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You may have heard that coding is the future. The thing is, it’s also the present. It’s not just a skill used by IT guys who sit in a dark basement office all day. That’s a cliché that hasn’t aged well at all. 

By one count, there were seven million job openings in 2015 that required coding. Other than IT workers, the most common jobs that require coding skills are data analysts, artists and designers, engineers, and scientists. 

If you work in Texas, you already work in one of the hottest job markets in the country. That means there are a lot of jobs and a lot of choices for workers. Here’s how you can make your workplace better by offering coding classes. 

It Makes Your Office More Efficient 

Efficiency is key to making an office run smoothly and productively. When you think of efficiency, you probably think of things like “using the printer less” or “turning off the lights when you leave.” But it’s more than that: if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you should know that SSRS training in Dallas can help your team create reports in a smarter, more efficient way. 

SSRS stands for SQL Server Reporting Services. It helps your team harness the power of data to create complex reports that wouldn’t be possible if you didn’t know the language of this particular system. SSRS is known as a “relational database management system”. That sounds a little confusing, but it won’t be confusing after your team gets training on this topic. 

It’s written in two programming languages: C and C++. Those are two of the most useful coding languages to learn, so you’ll be able to do a lot more than just compile data and turn that data into reports. It provides a basic knowledge that can help you do lots of other things. 

It Creates More Versatile Employees 

We all know about Northern California’s Silicon Valley. But the Dallas-Fort Worth area is an exciting area for tech-related jobs as well. It’s sometimes referred to as Silicon Prairie thanks to the presence of companies like Texas Instruments, Cisco, and Travelocity. If you like working in tech but don’t want to pay for the cost of living in California, Texas can be a great alternative. 

Even if you don’t work in a field that we often associate with the tech industry, a lot of other people in the Dallas metroplex area do. The northern suburbs in particular are a hotbed for this industry. If you apply for a job in marketing, social media, or something else in Dallas, then knowing some coding still help you in ways you might not be aware of. 

Everyone Else Is Learning It 

Peer pressure is not always bad. Sure, when we were growing up, our parents told us, “If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” The correct answer is no, obviously. But if all your friends and competitors are learning how to code, then it makes sense for your company to look into the possibility as well. 

No company is guaranteed to last forever. You may think your company has a solid customer base and great leadership, but that doesn’t guarantee anything in today’s business climate. Things are good now, but they may not always be so good. The economy could slow down again, unfortunately. 

Learning to code in Texas will help you and your employees stay sharp and competitive regardless of what happens next. The longer you stay at a job, the more likely you are to feel a little restless. The best way to combat that sense of restlessness is to learn new skills like coding.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to teach your team to code in Texas and the benefits of coding for your career.

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