3 Must Haves When Shipping Products For Your Online Store

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Developing your online store takes time, but with the right packaging for your business, you can take care of your customer and ensure that you don't over-spend to make your shipping and packaging work well. The one thing you must do before choosing any shipping products is take a look at your product. You should know the typical measurements and weights of your products, as well as if you'll need extra cushion due to fragile products. 

Here are some must-haves for shipping products from your online store. 

Choose The Best Shipping Vessel 

Depending on your products, you may not even need a box. Mailer envelopers are an effective way to ship smaller items and even clothing. They are useful for those products that would also slip around and shift too much inside of a box. However, if your products do need a box, then it's ideal to ship in brand new boxes that don't have any dents. 

While these boxes don't have to be fancy, it's true that branded packing and boxes stand out from the rest. It also makes it more memorable for your customer. You can pick up kraft shipping boxes and custom labels to make your box stand out if you're on a budget. In addition, if you are using any type of influencer marketing, then you'll want to make sure that these boxes look like your brand and make the opening more fun. 

Overall, you just want to make sure that your boxes look good and come in a clean, new box. Lack of budget shouldn't mean that you sacrifice on appearance of packaging or protection. 

Save On Shipping Costs 

You don't want to ship anything in a box that's too big. That's just paying for shipping air! You should buy boxes that are close enough to your product's size. There are also multi-level boxes, which can help you ship multiple sizes of orders and products. These boxes can be folded to reduce the size as well. This helps you save money on oversized corrugated packaging. If you have too much fill in a box, customers will think that it's wasted space or just sloppily constructed. 

You also want to make sure your box is sealed tight. You shouldn't use discount tape either. Quality packing tape will keep your package safe and intact, and your customers will appreciate water-activated tape, but you can also choose tamper-evident tape. There is even a type of cold- weather tape if you are shipping in the winter season. 

Keep Your Customer In Mind 

There are also a few things that you can send inside of the box to ensure that your customer feels appreciated. You may want to include a greeting card, discount coupon, or other small gift to show how much your customer is appreciated. Some retailers provide a keychain or small candy as a special thank you. 

In addition, you can include customer feedback forms and return shipping notes to help your customer if they have issues with the package. You want to make sure that your customer feels supported at all times, so making sure that they have a receipt and customer service number in their box is important to building a better relationship with your audience.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the necessities when shipping products for your online retail shop or ecommerce store.

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