How To Improve Your International Online Sales

how to improve international online sales ecommerce global selling

Owning and maintaining an online international business can be lucrative, but it requires effort and dedication to succeed. Incorporating incentives, utilizing quality market research, pricing for regional norms and seeking out low international shipping costscan all improve an international online business. Here are 4 different ways to improve international eCommerce sales: 

1. Selecting The Right Products 

Selecting the right products is highly important when running an online business – but that’s doubly true if you want to go international. First, identify what products consumers shop for the most in the regions you want to target, and then advertise those products over local channels. Jarvenpaa and Todd conducted a survey to investigate what was hindering the development of online shopping. Per the study, 31% of customer reported being disappointed with the product variety, while80% was disappointed with the customer service (Jarvenpaa and Todd, 1997). Having a variety of products to choose from is important to produce sales. 

2. Separating The Shipping Cost From The Item Cost 

The price of an item is essentially divided into two parts – the price for the item itself and the price for shipping and handling. When the item cost is separated from the shipping cost, it actually increases in demand because consumers pay attention to the cost of the price while neglecting the “add on” price affiliated with shipping (Hossain and Morgan, 2006). 

One way to achieve this separation without losing money is to use a courier broker, which can negotiate cheap international shipping through volume discounts and price comparisons. You can easily ship your international packages with a courier broker and not worry about the impact it will have on your shopping cart. 

3. Pricing 

When shopping online, the cost of an item plays an important role. A smart shopper will look at the price of a product and compare it to other competitors. No one wants to overspend on an item. Do some recon: visit other companies and see what they are offering for the same item and come up with a way to either reduce the cost of the item, or create an incentive to buy from you. That leads us to… 

4. Incentives 

A company is selling a phone for $200 with free shipping and handling, whereas another company is selling the same phone for the price with 20% off and reduced shipping and handling. Shoppers are more likely to purchase the phone with the most incentives. 

If an online business wants to see an increase in sales, they should offer incentives and marketable prices. Shoppers are looking to spend their money prudently, but they are also wooed easily by promotions, which is why it is important to have an attention grabber. Whether that’s a discount, bulk price, kickback or rewards program, incentives will keep international shoppers returning. 


By knowing your customers, using cheap international shipping, pricing competitively and offering compelling incentives to differentiate your business, you can make the leap from local ecommerce business to international success story.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to improve your international online sales for your retail or ecommerce store.

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