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Instagram is a social network with the most popular and accessible advertising platform on the Internet. It reached 2 billion of unique people registered this year. As you may know, the main concept of this social media platform is the publication of images and videos. Popularity is rated here with the amount of likes and followers. In order to reach the top of popularity peak people are trying to promote their account by making a so-called shouts, streams, IGTV videos, stories, and reels where they are looking for other profiles that are interested in promotion. 

All original methods of promotion are executed manually and require a lot of your time and efforts. 

Not so long ago community designed an Instagram automation tool that allows you to promote your account in auto mode, so you don’t need to watch all the processes. These tools can promote your profile in all directions and perform all activities available in the service on your behalf. Let’s make an overview or top services that you can use for easy and fast promotion. 

Important note — the result of promotion is strongly individualized, because the amount of your success depends only on the activity of real users (relate to services that provide you with real followers, not with bots). 

Service For Likes 

The most common tool, that’s become an integral feature of each Instagram promotion service. Bot performs a standard algorithm that cause an interest from another user and induce them to perform the same actions with your account. Likes show the demand of your content. 

Auto Following And Unfollowing 

Designed for quick acquiring of followers and increasing of the auditory amount. Process proceeds in two stages. At first stage — system make a search of auditory, that have related content to your account, perform actions in a manner of real user in order to arouse interest and make these accounts to follow you. When the stage is finished successfully, bot proceed the second stage — unfollowing. This step is not necessary, but the difference between the amount of followers and following accounts gives the appearance of importance. 

Direct Messages 

Not so available but the best tool for business promoting. Every businessman and businesswoman knows the fact that keeping a contact with a client is the main point in business relations. Atomised direct message service allows you to keep a contact with your every followers that make a good reputation and loyalty within the community. 

Comment Tracker 

This is the pipe duster of this platform. Instagram is an open community, where all users can express their mind. And, as you know, opinions are sometimes not so kind as we want. This tool will make a cleanup of unnecessary comment under your posts. Moreover, if you appreciate the communication aspect with you auditory, it may make an alerts on the important comments and build a contact-bridge between you and community. 

Scheduled Posting Module 

If you don’t like to waste a lot of time at manual posting to your account, you may make a pre-upload to all posts that you want and setup the timer with wished time for posting. Some services provide an editing option where you can prepare a text for the description tab and put your personal and favorite hashtags. 

Hashtag Generator 

Instagram’s search system use hashtags as keywords. People mark their publications with hashtags in order to participate in searching process, because without using hashtags your account may be found only boy those who knows your username. Hashtag posting is the easier way of promotion, but take in to account that there is exist a list of banned hashtags that have constant updates. Hashtag generator, that is provided by top Instagram bots, such as BigBangram or Ingramer provide you with free hashtags that you may generate by the uploading of your picture or with URL link. 

Instant Likes And Followers 

If you are looking for a fast leverage, you can buy a fixed number of subscribers or likes. Thus, the process of the bot is adjusted to the maximum productive speed for several days. Short time due to Instagram restrictions, because a good Instagram bot provides guaranteed promotion without a ban. For example, BigBangram can provide your Instagram account with anywhere from 1,000 to 50,000 subscribers in a couple of days or a month at the most. You can boost your business and your presence on Instagram by using credible Instagram automation tools where users can see 200 to 2000 new followers on average per week depending on their content/plan/set-up!

Social Media Management 

If you don’t know how is Instagram works, but you want to discover a new platform for promotion, you can order a full promotion that will be executed by the managers on your behalf. Service specialists may offer you all benefits of the SMM promotion and make up your personal strategy for the promotion. Not the cheapest way, but mostly effective. 

As you can see - the process has gone far enough. Bots now can promote your profile with the full imitation of real person activity. But beware of services without proxies. Only this feature can provide you with 100% guarantee of safety, because Instagram may detect suspected activity even in cases when bot performs actions within Instagram limits. This is the main reason why you need to carefully study the service that will be your service for promotion. 


The best Instagram bot that suits to all parameters at the market is BigBangram. It’s a price policy and the result of work is impressive. Its young competitor, Ingramer, unfortunately now have limited pack of services, but it is based at new innovative core that make him the fastest one. It’s developers are going to launch all the rest features at the beginning of next year, and we foresee a top position to this software program. 

We hope that this article provide you with new knowledge in the sphere of Instagram advertisement and social selling.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the top social media marketing tools for automated Instagram promotion.

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