Want To Monetize Your Email? Here Are Two Ways To Do It

monetize email marketing

The Internet has truly blessed the world with a lot of convenience. Shopping can now be done without having to travel to stores. You can just visit a website through your phone, flick through that online store’s offers, and have your goods delivered to your door. Paying the bills has become a lot simpler, too. You can just transfer funds to your providers’ accounts and you are good to go. 

But the Internet has made easy not only spending money but also earning it. There are now a lot of web-based jobs that significantly eliminate the need for commuting and dressing up for offices. The more creative entrepreneurs can even start their own websites and earn from there. Another way of making it big online is email monetization. In this article, we present two sure ways you can make money through your email. 

Sending Out Sponsored Emails 

If you really are a very friendly person, it will be easy for you to have a lot of friends. More often than not, the friends that are drawn to you are individuals who have the same interests and dislikes as you. With this said, it is safe to assume that the products that entice you might be considered interesting to them as well. If you market yourself well enough to advertisers, you will see that your email and list of contacts have value. Advertisers can very well use you as a gateway to people that they want to convince to buy their products or avail themselves of the services that they offer. 

When you allow an advertiser to use your email as a gateway to a sector of their target market, you have to be careful with how much you charge. Be sure that you are not charging too low or too high. Before you talk about prices, be sure to do initial research so that you would know what a reasonable price is, which can change from time to time depending on a lot of factors that are not really within anyone’s control (e.g. seasonality). 

For a good model on how this type of email monetization is done, you can ask the people in companies such as PowerInbox Email Services, which have already established themselves as one of the authorities in the field. 

Use email as your users’ ticket to your unique and valuable content 

The second strategy that we are going to talk about will work best if you have a website of your own. You can use it as a means to attract potential readers and collect their emails. Once you have these details, you can ask them to pay a fee for a subscription to valuable and unique content that you produce (e.g. newsletters, industry secrets, tips, etc.). 

Since we are talking about subscriptions here, there is a need for you to commit to producing content regularly. This requires effort and a lot of your time, so this is something that you should take really seriously. When you search online, you will find a lot of people who do this. Many of them are personal fitness trainers, nutritionists, and successful freelance workers, among others. 

Monetizing your email marketing is a valid means to maximize your online presence. Once you know what strategy to use, you must be ready to learn more about your chosen path. You need to familiarize yourself with the pitfalls as well as the best practices on that path, as determined by those who came before you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to monetize your email marketing efforts.

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