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Being a large, reputed organization is no longer enough to attract the best talent in the market. Having a strong employer brand is imperative to recruiting the right employees today. Much like a good brand image is necessary for selling to your customers, your employer brand exercises a great deal of influence over prospective candidates. 

What Is Employer Branding? 

Simply put, an employer brand is the reputation of a particular organisation as an employer. Employer branding requires the company to conduct a series of activities that build its image in terms of its relationship with employees. Candidates believe that a company with a good employer brand offers more job satisfaction and a better work-life balance. 

Why Employer Branding Is Important 

Employer branding serves two broad purposes. The primary objective is to create a satisfied and dedicated workforce. This ensures less employee turnover which leads to stability in the organisation, further strengthening the brand image. Ultimately, this helps in efficient recruitment. Recent trends point towards greater consciousness among employees regarding the work environment. Thus, it is important for an organisation to create a suitable atmosphere at the workplace to ensure it attracts top talent. 

Let us take a look at how you can use employer branding to recruit the right people for your organisation. 

Identifying The Target Group 

To ensure effective recruitment, you need to define the group of people you wish to recruit so you can develop your employer brand accordingly. The target group will serve as the basis for all future decisions regarding recruitment for that particular job role. 

Creating A Good EVP 

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the value an employee would gain by working in an organisation. EVP is a comprehensive term which includes monetary and non-monetary rewards, growth opportunities, job-interest alignments, and management systems. Along with the EVP, you must also specify your expectations from the candidates. Understanding the needs of the target group and creating an EVP that fits perfectly with those requirements is critical to attracting the right people to your organisation. 

Selecting A Communication Channel 

Recruitment channels in recent times have proliferated, giving recruiters plenty of choices - placement agencies and job portals - for effective talent search. It is important for you to ascertain the method that works the best for your organization. You should take into account both the target audience and the profile of your company before zeroing in on the channel of communication. 

Communicating Ideas Clearly 

Employer branding is a futile exercise if you are unable to convey your ideas to the focus group clearly. The prospective employees need to understand the values of the organisation along with the requirements of the job. It is also necessary to broadcast the benefits of working in your organisation portraying it as an enticing prospect to work in your company. 

Using Media Platform 

Establishing a strong social media presence has become essential to developing a strong employer brand. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook offer great opportunities for companies to create a popular brand image. Most people look up prospective employers on such platforms, getting to learn as much as possible about them, to ensure that their decision to work for them is correct. Thus, your social media presence should reflect the right image and profile of your organisation. 

Engaging Present Employees 

An essential part of employer branding is creating an enthusiastic team of your current employees. Passionate employees can act as ambassadors of your organisation. That is, positive word of mouth from your existing employees can do marvels for your brand image. In fact, such information coming from your employees can be highly reliable as they understand the needs and values of the organisation perfectly. 

Employees are the lifeline of an organisation. Thus, you need to consciously build and continuously maintain a strong employer brand to attract the right people who will lead your organisation to success.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how your company can utilize employer branding to improve recruiting results.

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