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Company parties are a bit of a mixed blessing for employees. On one hand, it usually means good food and a chance to bond with their colleagues, but on the other, it can end up feeling forced and boring. If they go home thinking how they could have spent the whole evening doing something better, than you’re not really accomplishing anything worthwhile. 

However, it’s entirely possible to avoid some common pitfalls and make a company event that’s actually going to be really fun and enjoyable. You can create a great bonding experience for your employees, and all you need are a few tips to make it happen. Eager to make the best party your business has ever seen? Then check out these tips! 

Why Even Have A Party? 

Basically, to establish your brand. A party will build company culture and bring people closer because it gives them a chance to bond and see each other in a more relaxed environment. It’s a lot easier to work with people that you actually like rather than the ones you barely tolerate, so having people establish closer connections can make them work as a more cohesive team. A party will also boost morale and show that hard work is rewarded, and allow you to present yourself in the best possible light. People enjoy knowing that their effort will be rewarded, so show them you actually appreciate their presence and what they do for your company. Faithful employees are really important, especially for a startup that’s struggling to succeed and make their name known in this increasingly competitive business world. 

Set The Date And Determine The Budget Right Away 

Once you know what budget is at your disposal, you can actually make plans. While the initial cost of making a company team-building event might seem a little steep, bear in mind that this is a long-term investment that could increase the productivity of your whole team. Once you know the budget, set the date, and start making other preparations. 

Determine The Type Of Party 

Will you be renting a venue? Or is it going to be an office event? Will it happen after work hours, in the evening, or during the workday itself? Bear in mind that unless the party is happening during work time, you shouldn’t make attendance mandatory. If people feel forced to come, they’re unlikely to enjoy themselves. 

Bring In The Booze 

Drinks are the most important part of any party, and you should provide both alcoholic and non- alcoholic options. While you can go cheap on the food, do invest in quality alcohol and maybe even hire a good mixologist from NYC to make you delicious cocktails that will put everyone in a good mood. These kind of drinks are fun to drink, and it’s fun to watch people while they make them. Booze is generally a good way to get people to relax and mingle instead of standing in the corner awkwardly. 

Make Sure The Food Is Really Tasty 

Depending on the kind of event it was, you might want to hire a good catering service and bring in some tasty canap├ęs. You can also organize employees themselves and ask a few people who love showing off their cooking skills to make something for the whole group. As long as the food is delicious and filling, everyone will be happy. 

Prepare A Few Ice-Breakers 

Besides booze and food, it’s a good idea to prepare some activities that will break the ice and get people talking. If you’re making a smaller party in the office, then board games and party games are the perfect choice because people will have to team up and work together, and there will be a lot of laughter and silliness. 

Figure Out Other Entertainment 

Mainly, focus on good music. Modern hits are a nice choice because people are likely to at least be familiar with them, but you can also go for old-school rock and disco tunes that are generally easy to sing and dance to. If you don’t want to bother putting together a playlist and trying to please everyone, then you can simply hire a DJ who’ll know how to work the crowd. 

Be There To Mingle 

As the head of company, it’s important for you to not only attend the party, but be actively present and talk to your employees. Let them see you in a relaxed, jovial mood, let them meet the person they’re working for. Knowing that they’re working for someone who’s an actual human being rather than a corporate machine makes it a lot easier to be loyal. 

With these tips and some good will, you shouldn’t have a hard time making a successful event. Once you plan everything out, all that’s left is to relax and enjoy your own company party.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to have a very successful company party on a lean budget.

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