Team Building Tips From Famous Startups

team building tips from famous startups

Most people have a bad opinion about team building activities, mostly because business owners tend to force corporate stuff too much, or they've watched too many episodes of The Office. While some team building activities for business are and always will be lame, there's no denying that team building is still an investment that can do a lot for your team. Not only does it mitigate conflict, but it will also go a long way to build trust among your employees. It's up to you, however, or your HR, to do a good job planning meaningful team building activities. Here, we'll present you with some tips to improve your team building and create a better environment for your employees. 

Try To Distance From Everyday Work 

Team building should put your employee's minds at ease and let them get to know each other better. While I was working for a company that created video games, we've had team building activities like meetup, play a tabletop game and brainstorm what we would do differently. While the idea in itself is fine, this can hardly be called team building activity, as we'd just be doing work that we're supposed to do anyway. In fact, the more you distance your team building activities from the industry you're working in the better. For example, we had a much better time going on a drinking night at a pub, or even paintball. 

Don't try to benefit from team building activities directly. They'll go a long way and bring your employees closer together, there's no need for you to try and get more out of it. Besides, most people will just dodge it if you do. 

Take Your Team On A Rafting Trip 

Rafting is one of the best team building activities for a reason. Maneuvering a raft with multiple people inside isn't easy and it will go a long way to get them to work as a team. That's not the best part, though, as rafting is incredibly fun and it's also a physical activity. Most of us who work in an office-based company spend way too much time sitting on a chair, so going for activities that require physical effort is extremely beneficial for your employees. Some people may be afraid to go for it the first time, but once your employees start talking about it you'll see a huge rise in interest in team building activities. 

Community Service Activities 

Alright, I thought this was lame at first too. But actually, picking up junk from the beach in a team of ten people proved to be the most fun we've had in months. Whether you'll be planting trees, or cleaning plastic from the lake, the fact is that you'll again be doing something you've probably never done before. The lamest team building activities are the ones where you're supposed to sit and play a game of possibilities. Trust me, with community service you'll get to learn something and you won't be alone at it. 

Go To A Concert 

I've always wondered why so few companies take their employees to concerts. It's one of the best ways to have fun, regardless of who's playing. People need to blow off steam somewhere, and concerts are better than most for that. If you're in a position where people can't agree as to which concert they'd visit, you can even create your own with a kombi DJ and bar hire. You'll get to have fun wherever you want, in the woods or by the pool, and you won't have outsiders messing up with your plans. 

Bottom Line On Business Team Building

Despite the bad reputation, team-building is still one of the best ways to bring your team together and make them communicate on a level that goes beyond work. It's not your job to force your employees into becoming friends with each other, they'll do that or they won't, but the activities you organize will make it possible. Try to offer something that they've never done before and you'll be surprised how many people will accept and go for it. Whether it's free climbing, paintball, or anything else that you can afford, team-building will go a long way to help you mitigate conflict and get people closer together.

I hope you enjoyed this article about effective and fun team building tips from famous startups.

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