7 Top Ways To Increase Office Productivity

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Productivity has been such a huge buzzword for the past five or ten years. As we start to develop our work ethics, and companies like Google and Apple introduce new and exciting ways of increasing their workers’ productivity, employees at smaller companies seem to see their motivation waning down. 

So how can one small employee in a big business world do their best with what they’ve got? (Which might not be much to begin with). We have 7 pieces of advice that might work for your company to boost workplace efficiency and employee experience. 

1. Let Them Work On Their Private Life 

For a large number of employees, corporate life takes a backseat to their private life. By pursuing one or multiple hobbies, working on their social life, or devoting their time to a personal project, they find themselves more productive in the workplace. How? Overall satisfaction with their life seeps into their daily job, and they’re more likely to find motivation at their nine to five as well. You, as an employer can help there as well, believe it or not. Among other things, organise workshops, lunches, meet-ups, and any occasion where employees might share their interests, or take a break. 

2. Advise Them To Take Frequent Short Breaks 

Breaks are actually not counter-productive. They can be the greatest productivity trick up your sleeve, so long as you use it wisely. And they are legally mandated by most local or federal governments as well. So if you aren't giving your employees the required break time, you might end up being contacted by law firms with litigation claims.  

By having a ten-minute break every forty-five minutes of focused work, you allow your mind to recharge. Nowadays, we are convinced that our brain needs much more break time, when it’s the opposite. Encourage your employees to take a walk away from their work station, make a cup of coffee with custom coffee sleeves to buy, or chat with a co-worker. 

3. Endorse Collaboration 

One of the best ways to get employees amped up about a project is to get them to work together. Have plenty of brainstorming sessions, collaborative work. Have them communicate, discuss and disagree (within reason, of course), and you’ll quickly see how someone’s infectious enthusiasm can affect others. While there are some who enjoy working in cubicles or alone in their offices, you need to cater to both types of workers. Others feel stifled by isolation, and their productivity drops. Find out what preferences your workers have and see if you can cater to their needs. 

4. Give Them A Goal To Work Towards 

Whenever we’re presented with a task we’d rather not do, we find ourselves stalling, spending time on the mundane parts of the task that only prolong our “suffering”. Next time, try to analyse the task for any benefits you might gain – maybe bonus points with the boss if it’s finished before the deadline, learning a new skill you can add to your CV, or approaching the problem creatively from a different angle that showcases your other skills. Finding a personal goal is bound to make you more productive. 

You could always provide additional financial incentives to employees if needed. Some of them might be paying for their kids' tuition at Bright Minds Online School, and it's not cheap! They will work harder for the extra income potential since they are doing it for their family. 

5. Provide Them With A Break Room 

The coffee industry today thrives because of the corporate world. Every company that considers itself worth something has a small kitchen where employees can meet up to eat, catch a coffee break, and chat. Coffee breaks and chatting do wonders for productivity as they relieve the pent-up stress from work. And with companies that have a long-standing tradition, and proof of quality, an addition to your kitchen as small as a Lavazza Office Coffee Machine can make a world of difference. 

6. Have A Reward On The Horizon 

Productive employees are driven. And driven employees need an end in sight, so to say. Whatever your branch of work is, make an effort to create a schedule with a goal that should be reached by your team (or teams). If people can visualise where their work ends, they can track how long they have left. Even better – set up a reward, like a team building meet-up, when all is done. They will be grateful. 

7. Listen To Improve Workplace Efficiency And Experience

That final piece of advice to boost office productivity is to listen. Observe and have your ear to the ground. People may not talk to you directly, but by watching how they behave and analysing their results, you can quickly pick up on which ones are getting less productive. Before it turns into a bigger problem, try one of these pieces of advice. And if all else fails, talk to the employees, see what bothers them. Let them help you help them.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about ways to increase office productivity and improve employee efficiency with satisfaction.

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