Investment Advice For Young Professionals In Their 20s

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The only limited thing in this life is time, time passes and there is no opportunity to go back, so the saying that time is worth gold, I would think that even more than gold, the value of time is unimaginable and unpayable. 

It is usual to differentiate by decade; the decade of 20 years, 30 years, 40 years and so on. But the work cycle does not work in this way, nor do the vital changes associated with, among other things, higher expenses, higher income, different perception of risk and different need to invest. 

To think of a destination for your money, you do not need a job that is already consolidated. If you are only 20 years old and work part-time, or even receive tips from your parents and relatives, you can invest that income. 

It is sad, that the vast majority of people can only sell their time, and that is, if you work 9-5 you are selling not only your knowledge, but your time also to the company in which you work, a time, that regardless of what they pay you, you will not live again. 

Your 20’s are key to avoid starting the 30's without debts or economic problems. The money you save now will allow you to pave your future in the medium and long term. 

That said, we want to show you what are those investments that you can and should make at your 20 years, and if you have already passed the 20 barrier, then start now, and do not keep losing time. 

Membership In A Gym 

Medical expenses related to problems such as obesity and overweight, are shocking to anyone's finances. It is well known that this number can be drastically reduced if people take better care of their health

Getting fit in the twenties will help you prevent costly health issues in the future, at least those related to obesity. In addition to practicing outdoor activities such as running, you can invest in the registration of a gym. 

Social Media Strategy 

Nowadays the impact of social networks is incredible, that is why it is key that you develop a strategy in social media to identify your brand, but also to position yourself as a professional or entrepreneur. It costs time and money to build a presence on the internet, so it is best to start as soon as possible. 


Chances are that in your 20's you do not have mountains of insurable items or accounts with a mortgage, but you do have to protect valuable items. For example, you must insure your car or even your bicycle, your key technological devices for your work, as well as your health. 

Contributions To A Retirement Plan 

When you are in your 20's, it seems that it does not make much sense to save money by the time you turn 60. However, there are different incentives to do so, especially if you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, since you will not have an Afore. The most advisable thing is to invest in funds for retirement that not only allow you to save, but grow your savings. And in this, the twenties, are undoubtedly the best time to start, since each year matters, while before it starts, it will undoubtedly be better. 

Invest in Funds & Stocks 

The idea behind investing in stocks in your 20's is not that you become a millionaire (unless you have a lot of capital), but familiarize yourself with the process when you have more money to invest. If you bet for stocks, do it in large companies, as this will make it easier for you to sell them. 

Buy A House And Invest In Real Estate 

When you are in your 20’s you don’t probably have enough capital to buy an apartment, a house or even invest in real estate business. But if you do have that kind of resources do invest in real estate or property of any sort. 

A piece of land matches/beats returns from Stocks and Mutual Funds. But it needs large funds to buy it and investment is quite illiquid. THAT makes it better than stocks and mutual funds. 

You cannot sell it easily when it appreciates a lot. You cannot sell a part of it as in the case of Mutual Funds. Your investment stays and grows. The compounding can be seen taking effect in this and not in Mutual Funds and stocks where the temptation to book profits it too big to resist. 

Invest In You 

Undoubtedly, the best investment of all, the most profitable, invests in education, books and new experiences, such as those that can be acquired in trips to new places you did not know, knowing new cultures, foods, new landscapes and new things, so that you can know a little more and have another perspective of things and the world. 

Investing is undoubtedly a great step towards your longed for financial freedom, the sooner you do it and learn how to do it, it will undoubtedly be gain for you, always remember that the best time to start is NOW! 


Every human being can achieve any goal, it is only a matter of beginning to believe in himself. Do not expect to get rich overnight, fight every day to pay the price of success and discover the magic of thinking big.

I hope you enjoyed this article about why you need to invest in your twenties to reap the financial benefits later in life.

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