4 Top Cloud Tools For Small Business

top cloud tools for small business

You're a bootstrapped entrepreneur and looking for ways to improve and organize your business. Or perhaps you're simply looking to improve on the infrastructure that is already put in place. Luckily, there are committed developers who provide open source software to help with such tasks - and for free at that. This list includes tools for things like project management for business, cloud storage for business, even a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to stay more secure. 

Regardless of your needs, there is a cloud-based software designed to produce the benefit that many businesses small to large seek out. Here are 4 cloud tools for business that can help you create, stay organized, manage projects, and manage your security. 

The following 4 tools will cover cloud-based software that includes cloud storage for business, project management for business, WordPress for business, and how a business VPN can benefit a company

1. WordPress 

wordpress cms

WordPress is perhaps one of the most popular tools for the creation, and management of websites today. A number of enterprise-level organizations have also utilized this software to create content to be discovered as well. So how exactly can you use WordPress for business? 

Website CMS 

WordPress can help you manage content for your website (it is a content management system after all). Furthermore, many use WordPress for business blogging to help improve SEO. Anyone within the realm of marketing can agree that blogging still stands as a powerful mechanism for drawing organic search traffic to your site. 


WordPress can also be utilized to create an eCommerce site. It is inherently easier and more cost-effective to reach consumers online, especially those who run small product businesses. With a multitude of free themes and plugins (namely "WooCommerce") available in the cloud, you can be minutes away from creating an eCommerce site and harnessing the power of WordPress for business. 

SEO Tools 

In addition to its extensive list of other applications, many have contributed to WordPress through creating plugins that can improve content SEO for your business. One of the most popular SEO tools that can be used with WordPress is Yoast. Yoast is an SEO plugin that assists you in optimizing articles to assure maximum reach through an intelligent keyword and "readability" algorithm. Not only will it alert you of keyword optimization, but also where you can improve run-on sentences, stop-words, and even the meta description. 

2. NextCloud 

nextcloud cloud tool

Another necessity for company organization is assuring proper cloud storage for business. Having the ability to both access and sync files with every member of your team regardless of location is invaluable to project management. Introducing NextCloud, the lesser known of major cloud storage platforms. Although, the most popular when it comes to open source cloud software. NextCloud can be used as cloud storage for business as well as personal, every-day use. If you've ever used platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive, you will find yourself more than comfortable with NextCloud's simple user interface. Users of NextCloud also have access to a free file sync client which will automatically sync files into your NextCloud server. 

3. Redmine 

redmine flexibile project management

The more a business grows, the more detrimental it becomes to keep on top of project management. It can be easy to lose track of a particular project, or miscommunicate changes with your team. This is where Redmine comes in. Redmine is an all-in-one project management tool with built-in issue tracking, Gantt charts, version control, and many other features any business can benefit from. 

Additionally, you can assign users, groups, and roles to easily navigate through specific tasks and their respective assignees. A comprehensive project management tool will help your small business coordinate tasks and reach completion goals quicker. 

4. OpenVPN 

open vpn

First off, what exactly is a VPN? VPNs were initially developed to allow for secure remote access to business applications and resources. A VPN allows for a private network to be extended across a public network. This allows for end-users to transfer and receive data while keeping their own information (like their IP address) completely masked. Setting up a business VPN can be tricky for newcomers (hence why the IT guy is typically the one to properly configure everything), albeit there are simpler options to host a cloud VPS as an OpenVPN access server. 

A business VPN will ultimately give you the power to keep company and employee data secure. This is especially true (and most commonly used) when on remote public networks. For example, if sensitive documents need to be accessed while you are at Starbucks, the network will be accessed as if your laptop is connected to the private network and therefore, masked and secured. 

How To Start Using These Tools 

SkySilk Managed Cloud Services has cut down the VPS setup process to just a few clicks. Users can simply choose which template they would like installed onto their private server. These templates also include the aforementioned 4 cloud tools for business. 

Once this is done, navigate to your server using the given IP address and you then you will have access to your new open source software program. 

Head here to get started with a SkySilk account!

I hope you enjoyed this article about helpful cloud tools for your small business.

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