7 Top Technology Companies In New York City

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New York is known to be a mean marketing machine. Ever watched the Wolf of Wall Street? It seems pretty hectic. Although, this may seem a bit cut-throat – Silicon Valley you better watch out. New York City is known as the big apple for a reason. 

Regardless of whether you are searching for a job, or curiosity killed the cat – there are technological giants in New York City. 

Wondering what companies classify as giants in this great capital? 

Through this article, we go through some of the coolest, savviest, and biggest pioneers in the technology industry based in New York City. Some NYC tech company names you may be familiar with already - so let’s get into it: 

7 Top Tech Companies In NYC

1. Cisco Systems 

For fans of The Flash, we are not talking about Cisco, Barry’s genius sidekick. But for what it's worth, Cisco Systems is a hero when it comes to pioneering the IT industry. From cloud computing to IT services and security – this company offers it all. 

Although the company is also based in Silicon Valley – one of its head offices is in the big apple itself. 

The crazy thing about this tech company? The majority of the world's internet traffic goes through Cisco systems. That’s billions, on billions of users on a daily basis. 

If you are looking to join up with a savvy technology company giant – you can check out their “Join the team” page

2. Bloomberg 

Ever heard of Bloomberg? The name and it's founder Mike Bloomberg may sound familiar. 

That is because the company focuses on helping other businesses with both financial information and general real-time business and market analytics. Which helps these smaller businesses make important decisions to get them closer to their milestones and deliverables. It's crazy… 

Bloomberg is actually one of the largest distributors of global financial data. The best part? They are looking for new team members! Check out this link for more information. The company was originally founded in 1981. Its ranked as one of the largest software-technology based companies in New York City with over 9,000 employees. 

3. Software That Is Designed To Mold The Future – CA Technologies 

CA Technologies is a technology-based company that focuses on helping new startups grow. Their aim is to provide software, and services to help small businesses and start-ups scale. 

From improving competitive advantages to helping businesses respond quickly to rapid change events such as market fluctuations. 

The company was originally founded in 1976. To this date, it reports over 1,230 employees under its banner. The best part about them? Check out this link

4. Making Trading Easy With E*Trade 

E*Trade’s vision is to create a new Wall Street approach to trading. The company focuses on helping customers leverage assets for the maximum ROI. They help with digital brokerage and even retirement solutions. 

This company was founded in 1982 under the fintech corporate flag (financial technology). They only report 827 employees… but that has not stopped them from rising through the ranks to the sixth biggest technology-based company in NYC. 

5. BuzzFeed – Your Daily Source Of Entertainment 

We know… we know. Since when does a media-based company classify as a technology company. Regardless of how great their content is – that’s just plain absurd. 

The truth is Buzzfeed has been a pioneer when it comes to redefining online advertisements through content-driven and publishing technology. Of course, the global audience of over 2 million readers helps. After all, who doesn’t love a great scoop? 

This media tech giant is huge considering it was only started a couple years ago. Founded in 2006, the company has a semi-large team behind it. 730 employees to be exact. 

6. The Jack Of All Trades – AppNexus 

AppNexus is a unique cookie on the New York Wall Street. The company specializes in providing trading solutions, almost like E*Trade. But they also provide innovative online marketing solutions in a unified programmable platform. 

Do you want to know the craziest thing about AppNexus? 

The company is recognized as one of the largest ad tech companies globally. Silicon Valley may have tech corporate giants such as Google and Apple – but New York City is catching up quickly. 

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7. An Innovative Global Marketplace – Etsy 

Living in the digital age, shopping online is one of the few blessings in disguises. Certainly, more so when you think about the long lines at your local store. Etsy is one of the most popular online e-commerce web stores in the big apple. 

Not many realize that this global shopping commodity was founded, and is based In New York. Although the company was only founded 13-years ago, they are already ranked as one of the ten biggest tech-based companies in the area. Not surprising considering how large their market area is, right? The company now reports over 622 employees.

NYC Means Technology

Despite it's reputation as a financial powerhouse and not a major tech player, New York City is quickly becoming a technology titan rivaling its San Francisco counterparts and staying in the game with top startup cities Austin and Boston. If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere!

  I hope you enjoyed this article about some of the large tech corporations that call New York City their home.

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