Why Set Up A Website If You Don't Sell Online?

why set up website if you don't sell online

With the boost of E-commerce, more and more companies are setting up websites in order to sell their goods and wares online. However, not every company deals in pre-made stock that can be dispatched on demand. Perhaps you deal with bespoke and custom orders. Maybe your products cannot be delivered and have to be collected in person. There is a whole host of reasons that you might not complete sales over the web. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t have your own branded website. Sure, you may not be able to see why you’d have a website when you can’t make any direct profit from it. But there are several good reasons that you should consider it. Read on to find out just a few! 

Boosting Brand Exposure 

Creating a website opens your brand up to the world. Not only can people learn about your company and what it’s all about twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It also takes everything to a potentially global platform, as anyone with an internet connection can access your page. Remember to incorporate your brand aesthetic to your page too. This will give people a feel for what you are all about! Collaborate with web development services to ensure that your branded color scheme runs throughout your site, your brand logo is visible, and your company name is in a prominent location. 

Offering Information About Your Brick & Mortar Store 

When people want to find out more about your brick and mortar store, they’re going to head straight to one place: search engines. They’ll type in your brand name. So, you want to ensure that they aren’t met with disappointment. Having a website will ensure that they get all of the information that they require to successfully make their way through the doors of your physical business. 

Make sure that you include several things. First, you should have your store location on your webpage. Make sure to include your post or zip code, as increasing numbers of people use GPS to find their way from A to B. If you have multiple stores or locations, consider including a store locator feature. This will allow potential customers to fill in their current location and find the nearest store to them. Next, you should include opening times. This ensures that customers only visit when they can be greeted and catered to, rather than arriving at an empty store. 

A Means Of Communication 

Operating online means that you open up all forms of communications with potential clients, partners and collaborators. You can keep things simple by adding your store phone number to your page, or you can get a little more complex with contact forms and messaging applications. Another option is to set up a comprehensive FAQ page which can take care of a lot of customer inquiries before a phone call or email is even necessary. Instant messaging is particularly useful, as it means you can answer all sorts of questions and queries in moments. Chatbots probably aren't an affordable option for most small and primarily offline businesses right now but they'll become increasingly affordable and effective over the next few years.


These are just a few benefits of having a website that can be achieved by companies that don’t even sell online. It's a solid investment that you won't regret. So start setting up as soon as possible!

I hope you enjoyed this article about why you should still set up a business website even if you don't sell directly online.

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