5 Effective Digital Marketing Techniques

effective digital marketing techniques

There are several effective techniques for digital marketing and top app development companies help their clients to take advantage of them. Due to the level of competition in the retail industry, one or two digital marketing techniques are no longer enough. To remain relevant in the industry, you may need to adopt as many digital marketing techniques as possible. 

Here are some of the commonest and most effective marketing techniques that top app development companies help to promote with their app. 

Email Marketing 

Top app development companies in Chicago promote email marketing with several features on their app. First of all, any email address entered on an app by users is stored automatically. Secondly, most enterprise apps have the feature that makes it possible for users to send a mail to all their customers once. top app development companies ensure all their apps have it. 

Email marketing is one of the oldest marketing techniques and it is still working for several reasons. First of all, its ROI is high because all your recipients are either people using your app or people who have subscribed to your email. So, they are already interested in your brand. It is easy to convince those that are already attached to your brand. 

With email marketing, it is very easy to track the rate of response. You will know the mails that have been received, the ones that have been read and the ones that failed. Most importantly, email marketing is relatively cheaper than other marketing techniques. 

Social Media Marketing 

The world is generally obsessed with social media and smart retailers have already started taking advantage of it. This is why top app development companies usually integrate their social media into many mobile apps. There are a couple of advantages for integrating social media into your apps. 

This makes it possible for users of your app to be able to login to their account through their social media account. This is not only faster, it also saves them from having to remember their username and password each time they want to login. The second advantage of integrating social media into apps is to be able to share posts. The users of your app will be able to share your app on their social media account by pressing just a single share button. 

Another way to engage in social media marketing is to open social media accounts for your business. You can open a Facebook fan page for your business or an Instagram account. With this, you can post regular informative messages and videos to gather followers. These followers will serve as a ready target audience for your new product s, services, or your new promotional offer. Gradually, they will develop emotional attachment to your brand. Once that happens, they will prefer your products to that of your competitors and that means more sales for you. These are the reasons top app development companies usually make it very easy for apps to support as many social media as possible. 

Chat Bots 

Another common trend is to install chat bots on websites to market products to visitors, notify visitors on current offers, and most of all, answer visitors query. Nothing attracts prospective customers like quick response to their query. This is why the idea of using chat bots has been yielding great results. 

When a prospective customer decides to make a particular enquiry about a product on several platforms, he is likely to purchase from where his query is first answered. Of course, chat bots do not have answers to all queries. Sometimes, bots lack answers too. However, whenever a chat bot lacks the answer to a particular query, it presents the prospective customer with a number to call. 

In addition, the bot also sends the query to backend team. Once it receives the answer, it will update its database with it. So, if the customer or another customer asks the question again, the bot will be able to answer it immediately. That way chat bots don’t fail to answer the same question twice. 

Erecting Of Digital Billboards 

People are already used to physical billboards that usually erected in strategic locations. Now, there are digital billboards or giant display units. They are also displayed in strategic locations especially in malls. These display units show different video clips about different products. 

They are very effective because they have sound. So, their sound attract shoppers. Needless to say video clips last longer in the mind of viewers than pictures and ordinary text. In fact, there are new interactive digital display units that can respond to touch now. They take less than 5 seconds to respond to a command. These new sophisticated interactive display units can also stand as a digital salesperson because they can respond to virtually all the questions on all the products that are being publicized on them. 

Some top app development companies usually make use of this concept to develop apps with distinctive icons. This will help these apps stand out in any app store. Secondly, when an app has a distinctive icon, it catches the attention of all its users each time they navigate through their phone. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Another very effective digital marketing technique is search engine optimization. Search engine is the process of making your webpage rank higher on search engines because the higher your webpage ranks, the faster it will be returned in any search within your niche. 

The advantages of SEO are too numerous for any retailer or business manager to ignore it. Since, people usually search for a product when they are ready to purchase it, SEO pulls ready buyers more than other digital marketing techniques. 

Secondly, the more your webpage is returned in search engine result pages the more credible your brand will become. Credibility can only lead to brand reinforcement and more sales. So, virtually all retailers are already making use of search engine optimization as a marketing technique and this is the reason search engines change their rules and algorithms for ranking as often as possible. 

In conclusion, there are several other digital marketing techniques, but the ones outlined above are the commonest ones. Apart from that, more techniques emerge every day. 

Kenneth Evans is a Content Marketing Strategist for Top App Development Companies, a research platform for top app development companies in the world. He has been contributing to various blogging platforms and forums worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this article about some effective and affordable digital marketing strategies.

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