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I've been writing articles for over a decade to try and help people improve their financial situations. I'm also a strong believer when it comes to my belief that a healthier body and healthier mind will result in a healthier business or career. And saving money on sustenance and health regimens can also save you on medical bills and leave you with more money for investing in your company. 

My website Frugal Fitness was actually started 3 years before Bootstrap Business and also enjoyed some critical acclaim and accolades both as a blog, best-selling author on Amazon, and a YouTube Partner Channel. Here are some great articles that feature Frugal Fitness and can help provide some monetary motivation to get healthier:

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- : Cardio On A (Running) Shoestring Budget 
- Moms Need To Know Recipes 
- Greater Boston Patch Fitness Author Interview 
- Jen Reviews Workout Routines
- PFit Blog: 100 Calorie Snacks REAL Healthy People Eat 

Frugal Fitness has also been featured on Reebok, Yahoo UK, Stuff Magazine, FitFluential, Livestrong, Fat Burning Fitness, and countless other websites in the past several years although they have since edited their web pages. I hope you will find these articles and website helpful to your bottom and bottom line!

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Here is some great Bootstrap Business press as well. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about monetary motivation with the Frugal Fitness world wide wellness media network blog.

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