How To Conduct A Successful Presentation

how to conduct successful business presentation

You have done a heck of a lot of work! Thousands of hours spent in research, meeting boards, sitting in front of the laptop, you gave so much of yourself to this, and you know it is great, but you need to convince others too. A presentation! That is what you need! Some people hate them (even seasoned managers), some adore them – this usually depends on their skills when making one. Whether you are a member of the first group or the second one, there are some general rules that you should stick to. 

Be Passionate 

This is always good, not only in the presentation department. This is a good life principle that you should stick to. Passion is what attracts people, even if they don’t understand you - they connect with your energy. When you speak through your emotions, the audience sees that, and can relate to you; they believe you. No one will pay attention if you make some mistake – they will be drowned by passion and fully focused until the end. 

Keep it Simple 

Never complicate! The more you do, the better the chance is that something will go wrong. Choose your message. Keep it brief and simple, and stick to it. People like simple things. 


There is something contagious about a smile. It brings a smile in others, it wakes positive emotions, and we are most attracted to positive things. People, in general, remember only the good things in their life and forget the bad. That is sort of an evolution thing that helps us strive through the life. Let them remember you in a positive atmosphere. 

Eye Contact 

Although it sounds simple, it isn’t. Many presenters fail in this. The audience likes eye contact, they easily connect to you and the subject of your presentation. That will also help you because with it, you will have a feeling that you are talking to individuals and not to hundreds of strangers. 

A Big Start 

The first impression is crucial – ask any expert about this. You must grab audience’s attention. Don’t let them get bored and lose interest before you even started the presentation. It is always a good idea to say something funny, or something that is going to make them pay attention. Entertain them, be creative! 

Be A Storyteller 

Tell a story. Humans are attracted to them. Try to make your presentation sound like one. That way it will be easier for the audience to remember you. Don’t hesitate to use a whiteboard; there is a wide range of them. Amuse and entertain the crowd. Most people are visual, so give them what they need. Visual stimulants that will help them memorize your presentation. Focus on the characters, and add unexpected twists into the plot. Here’s a nice tip: change the pace of your story – it’ll help keep people interested. 

Use Your Voice 

Voice is not that important in communication because it affects only one of five human senses. That is why it is important to provoke as many senses you can, to draw a bigger attention. When talking strictly about voice, you should change its speed, or tone, to emphasize certain parts of the story. Make it more appealing to the audience. 

Body Language 

Three quarters of communication happen in a non-verbal sphere. Your body language is crucial. One of the most important things taught at presentation skills training workshops is to use effective body language to keep the audience engaged. If your speech is not followed with proper gestures, face mimics, etc., it doesn’t matter what you say – you won’t be convincing to the crowd. Move around the stage, show gestures, don’t be stiff. Your presentation will look much better, and draw a lot more of people’s attention. 

Stay Calm 

Take a big breath. Relax and enjoy your time. When you are nervous, you make mistakes, you can’t follow the plan properly, and your whole body language sends an unconvincing message. That is not something you want. If you manage to relax, your presentation will surely look much better. You will have better interaction with the audience and, all in all, a better presentation, which is your primary goal. 

Powerful Presentations

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to conduct a successful presentation in the workplace. And if you need more guidance, check out more presentation training to bring your presentation up a notch.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to conduct a successful presentation in the workplace, at meetings, or during conferences.

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