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When you are running your own tradesperson business, it can be difficult to constantly attract new clients, especially with more competition coming through all the time. Ultimately, you need to become a little creative to get your name out there and ensure that your name comes along with a reputation of trust. In this blog post, we will look at a few common ways in which you can succeed in your mission and get more clients on board which is the common struggle of a huge number of businesses. 

Get Social & Digital 

Social media has been shown to be one of the most effective tools which you can use for marketing, so it is also one that you should be looking to take advantage of yourself. There is plenty of things which you could be posting here including before and after pictures, industry changes, special offers and ‘how to’ posts with some simple advice. Make sure to read up on how to use social media effectively so you keep attracting followers and getting your message out there. Digital marketing has exploded over the past few years, so it is worth finding out as much as you can in areas such as SEO and PPC advertising

Customer Referrals

As you will already be aware, the trades are still very much a word of mouth industry. So, you will want to be doing as much as you can to ensure that you leave your customers satisfied. Of course, you want the work completed to be of the highest standard, and one way of doing this is by ensuring you are using high-quality tools. If you are in the welding industry, you can find equipment online. The other main things that people tend to notice are efficiency and price so you want your business to rank strongly on both counts. 

Offline Branding 

A lot of tradesmen don’t consider themselves to be a brand, but they are missing out on an opportunity. So, at the very least, you should be driving around a van with a logo and carrying business cards to hand out when you need them. Establishing a professional-looking brand helps to instil a sense of trust amongst customers and makes you seem more reputable. And remember that handing out flyers is still an effective way of getting your message out there. 

Collaborate With Other Businesses 

Forming partnerships with other businesses is the perfect way of telling a different audience about the services that you have on offer. So, you could form an agreement in which you promote each other’s services exclusively to your respective customer bases. Establish a few of this type of relationship and you are likely to find yourself with a raft of new customers. However, you should also ensure that it is mutually beneficial and you are both finding plenty of clients for each other. 

Tradesperson Tricks Time

Gaining new clients is a constant task for tradespeople, so essentially you want to be getting creative to stay ahead of the competition and keep your business thriving.

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