Startup Success: 5 Things To Help Your Business Grow

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Running a startup usually involves lots of ambition and high hopes, but more often than not it proves to be a risky endeavor, one that's filled with uncertainty and fighting for your spot among the competition. The fact is that even the greatest business ideas can completely fail in the startup phase, while some ideas that are quite questionable manage to get off the ground. 

For startups, the most important thing is to have a plan for their growth, which is something that's often overlooked because business owners think they'll dwell on that one once it happens. Well, guess what, once it happens it's already too late. 

This guide will give you some of the best advice you can get if you want to see your startup surpassing the expectations. 

Always Keep Your Core Goal In Mind 

Many startups get carried away with their success (or what they perceive as success) and start experimenting with many different things that aren't necessarily related to the original purpose of the startup. This creates a situation where you're no longer sure in which direction you want to go once the opportunity shows. And if you're not sure, your team won't be sure either. It's much better for startups to stay true to their cause, which will create a better team atmosphere and also spare you from having to make difficult decisions all the time. 

Narrow Down Your Niche 

No one's good at everything. This is especially true in the business world, where people tend to trust the brands they see as most reliable. The more you narrow down your niche the better effect you'll have on potential customers and investors, which are both vital for any startup's growth. 

You'll also get the chance to dominate the market in your specific niche, which alone should be enough to convince you to keep things simple. However, once you reach a point where your reliability is going through the roof you can move one step at a time towards a broader niche. 

Stay Agile 

Where I see many startups fail is when they get a big contract and start expanding their team hoping that big projects will keep piling up after that one's over. Well, most of the time they won't. You'll end up paying people you no longer need which will hurt your finances, or you'll have to fire the people you hired - which will hurt your reputation. Instead, being agile means having a small team of professionals that can take any regular projects, while hiring third party contractors to help when a big project comes your way. This significantly lowers the risks which is exactly what you'll want as a startup. 


Without good marketing, you'll never be able to reach the right people, which will make you practically invisible and impossible to grow. But how you advertise is also a big deal. You probably know that an inferior product can easily surpass a superior one with the help of appealing, unique, and exciting advertising. You'll also want to invest in SEO unless you want to be completely invisible on the web, which is a good way to kill your business before it even starts. Content marketing is another big selling point for any startup. It gives you a chance to showcase your expertise in the narrow niche you're dealing in, which will increase the reliability factor in how your customers perceive your brand. 

A Productive Workplace 

It may have been possible for you to run a startup from your garage or a basement once you have started out, but if you are looking to grow you must think about first impressions, as well as having a productive atmosphere for your team. Once the growth phase hits it might be too late to move to a bigger office, which is why you will want to be prepared for that startup step in advance. 

A clean and productive office is what you should be aiming for, so decluttering is a must if you have got all sorts of stuff laying around (a thing that often happens with early-stage startups). You can have a storage company store your extra stuff away while you are transitioning, especially if you think that you might need the stuff again. 

Bottom Line On Business Growth

It's becoming increasingly difficult to succeed as a startup, mostly because the competition's only getting tougher and tougher every year. Nine out of ten startups fail and it's mostly because they don't have a plan ready for their growth. No one can guarantee the success of a startup these days because there are just too many factors involved, but what you can do as a business owner is lower the risks as much as possible and maximize your chances of success. The five things we explained in this article will get you started towards success, but you'll have to keep your eyes and ears open along the way as well.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to help grow your lean startup and achieve success.

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