Why Social Media Is Your Personal Business Partner

social media is a business partner

Making a name for yourself as an independent entrepreneur might not be easy. Problem with entrepreneurs, they are dreamers by nature, but also hard workers. They think and dream big, with lofty aspirations, getting caught up in their own world, focused on their current project so much that they forget why they’re there in the first place. It is good to sometimes be grounded and reminded that you are here to first and foremost make a name for yourself. Don't forget to stop, evaluate your situation, then think about methods of putting yourself out there

Online Presence 

The era we live in is highly dependent on technology. The two worlds which were once parallel, the real world and the online world, have almost become one, especially in recent years. The two are basically inseparable no matter what field. The news, politics, comedy, all kinds of entertainment and even socializing, now has its real life and virtual counterpart. Taking all this into account, as an up and coming entrepreneur, you should too. Having an online presence is not only a necessity nowadays, it is a boon to any aspiring businessmen. On the street, in the office or on the way home, people are always too busy doing something or are too stressed to pay much attention to anything. When they finally take out their phones or sit in front of their computers to catch up with everything online, that right there is your best chance for their undivided attention. Social media allows you to reach out to ridiculous amounts of people, billions are exposed to the platform when they are in a mindset more open to ideas. 

Modern Marketing

By now everyone has learned to ignore billboards and whatever else forms of advertising which has been pushed towards the public for decades. Social media however, allows you to reach out to potential business partners or customers anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world, on platforms which are meant for both entertainment as well as business.

Keeping In Touch 

Now this is not anything groundbreaking right now, but many people run company-related accounts where they post the latest company news. What many people are not doing, however, is trying to actually interact with their audience. And while social media may be the perfect platform for that, you should not stop there. To go the extra mile, translate that ideal to all other online outlets that you maintain. Have a personal website? Make sure to include an “about me” page as well as a “contact page”. Keep the “about me” page as concise and to the point as you can. Make sure to clearly state your expertise, your position and perhaps a quick rundown of your professional history, mentioning previous positions in companies, qualifications and just about anything else that would be relevant. 

A great example of one would be found on Issa Asad’s website. In the “contact” page, make sure to include not only some e-mail addresses, phone numbers and social media accounts, but also a quick contact form that anyone can fill out natively on your website. This will not only make you easier to contact but will make you much more approachable. 


No one wants to deal with a robot if they can speak to a living and breathing fellow human being, stay personal and accessible while also giving off a sense of professionalism. Being able to balance the two, separates the good entrepreneurs from the amazing and world-shaking entrepreneurs.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about social media being your professional and personal business partner on your entrepreneurial journey.

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