How To Provide Employees With Top Healthcare Options

This is a sponsored post by UnitedHealthcare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Providing exceptional health care coverage to your employees is a crucial part of running a small business. As a business owner or human resources director, you know the importance of being able to offer comprehensive health benefits plan as part of your compensation packages. It helps to keep your existing employees happy and productive while attracting new talent. Employees that have the security (and health benefits) of an affordable healthcare plan are more productive and loyal as well. 

You also know that finding the right plans at the right price is no easy task. It's often times a confusing, time consuming, frustrating, and lengthy process. Some of the websites are absolute nightmares to try and navigate... if they even work at all. I know in the past I've spent hours, if not dozens of hours, on either comparing healthcare plans for my employees or trying to determine the right options as an employee. I've worked for several diverse companies and owned/own several small businesses over the last 15 years, so I understand it's usually a stressful process for everyone. I've experienced both sides and it makes a huge difference when you have someone to actually help you out with the process. Luckily for all of us, UnitedHealthcare has worked extensively to make it a simpler process to offer top plans for any budget. 

At UnitedHealthcare Small Business they have created a new online shopping experience that allows small business owners to easily and quickly choose and purchase health care for their company. You can choose medical plans, review all available plans in your location, customize packages, submit employee data, compare prices based on demographics, set pricing, and make purchases all in one convenient online dashboard.

Their straightforward website is customized specifically for your small business of 2-50 employees and it takes less than 20 minutes to go through their simple 3 step purchasing process. If you need any assistance then an expert can also advise you. And unlike some other insurance sites, there is no pressure to pick the most expensive option for your company.

You will be able to offer all plans or customize a package of plans for your employees to choose what makes the most sense for them. Employees will have access to an employee online plan selection tool that helps employees choose the plan they decide is the best coverage and cost for their situation. Support is available throughout the process with coverage advisors and helpful resources (by clicking “Learn More") to further explain all of the details and choices available. You will also have the opportunity to provide your employees additional specialty benefits such as dental, vision, and life insurance as part of your package. 

The fact that the pricing is highly customized to your business needs is very helpful. Your quote is specific to your business based on whom you plan to insure. By entering basic information like age and gender of employees and their family, you know exactly what you will pay. You can determine the price you pay per employee and they will pay the difference. And to keep it consistently simple, your business costs will remain the same regardless of which plan your employees choose. Your employees will thank you and it will reflect in your bottom line as well. 

Begin the process today and learn more valuable information on the UnitedHealthcare Small Business Website. My fellow small business owners Phil Cobbuci and Garry O'Grady went with UnitedHealthcare for their companies and they've had incredibly positive experiences. Here's what they had to say:

And I can personally attest to the great health insurance coverage and prices that UnitedHealthcare offers as someone that has been using it for the past 3 years. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to provide your employees with the best possible healthcare options.

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