How To Furnish an Office on a Budget

Whether you’re upgrading from an at-home business to an office or if you’re kickstarting your very first company, furnishing your office with all kinds of equipment and furniture is important. After all, where else are your employees going to sit as they work on their computers? The floor? That’s going to be a quick way to scare employees off (and it also poses health risks!) so here are some budget ways to furnish your office. 

What’s Your Image?

If you plan to open a design office or if you want to attract young employees, then you need to look modern. This is difficult to do on a budget, so it’s important to first understand what your needs are before you start shopping around for furniture. If you’re not completely sure on the type of image you want to give to your staff, then companies like Facility Services Group are perfect for giving you a hand with all of your office decor needs. They’ll help you not only plan your decor, but they also have a great range of furniture to supply your office with everything it needs. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Hand-Me-Downs 

When a company upgrades its furniture and equipment or moves office, you’ll often see them post auction listings for incredibly cheap items. This is so they can minimize the costs of moving and actually make some money back from their previous investments. They might be chipped, the computers might be a little old and the gear might be a little outdated, but this is a fantastic opportunity for you to pick up some cheap hand-me-downs to furnish your office. It’s not the prettiest way to operate a business, but it does save you an incredible amount of money on items that you’re eventually going to throw away as well when you get more profit to invest in your office.

Function Over Form 

A simple concept that should be kept in mind when furnishing your office is function over form. It doesn’t matter if your computers have mismatched monitor and it doesn’t matter if your office chairs don’t match across the entire office. Sure, it doesn’t exactly look pleasing to the eye and you might scare some investors off, but the idea is that you want to show that you’re capable of doing plenty of work before trying to make your office look nice. People want to work in an environment that promotes productivity, not a pompous office that took months to design but produces almost no work. 

With this in mind, don’t be afraid of purchasing whatever budget items you can to run your office. For example, if a local furniture store is running a fantastic deal on office chairs, but they aren’t selling enough for the number of employees you have, then buy them anyway and get an extra chair afterwards. It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised at the number of business owners that want their offices to be uniform across the entire spectrum. 

When you're furnishing your new office, staying in budget is a must. Evans office furniture has a wide selection of office furniture for you to choose from at a very affordable price. It's a great option when you're walking the fine line between form, function, and frugality.

Take these suggestions into account and you'll be sure to furnish your bootstrapped startup well while sticking to a shoestring budget.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to functionally and frugally furnish your office on a budget.

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