4 Tips For Turning Individuals Into A Team

When you run a business, you slowing start to take on more responsibilities, and you need to hire other people to share the load. But what some new bosses fail to realize is, just because you have hired someone to do an individual specific job, doesn’t mean that they’re not part of a team. Everyone is ultimately working towards the same goal - making a profit, making customers happy, and fulfilling the mission statement - so everyone has to work together even if they are working independently. 

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done sometimes. 

Here are a few things you can do as a leader to make sure everyone works productively as a unit.

Team-Building Exercises 

Whilst getting them to do trust-falls or play Blind Man’s Buff would probably cause them to resent you, team-building exercises gives you the chance to bring your employees together, and maybe even share a few jokes . Obviously, don’t make fun of anyone, but if you get the opportunity to share a joke, make sure that you use it. That way, there’s something social that they can all share, which helps them to bond and unite. Alternatively, try an exercise to get to know every team member on a personal level. That will help you get to know them, and allows the team to view one another as people, not just co-workers. 

Acknowledge Their Strengths 

If your business is a small shop, for example, get those team members who work faster than others to work filling shelves, whilst putting those who are better suited to interacting with other people on checkouts. Alternatively, if you work in an office, tell someone who regularly finishes their work early to help someone who seems to be struggling. This will make sure that your team don’t get frustrated at doing something that they aren’t suited to, and stops them from being resentful towards whoever is working the job that they prefer. It also helps everyone get better at their job, which is great news for everyone.

Unite Them 

Having a distinguishing feature, such as a uniform can help them identify as a single unit. Depending on your budget, you can buy a Screen Printing Exposure Unit to print as many company shirts as you want, or it’s also easy to place an order with a specialist company. If you don’t want a uniform in your business, then something else, such as a lanyard or a name badge can help your workforce look and feel more like a team without costing you a lot of money on uniforms. 

Promote Communication 

Communication is key to making sure your business runs efficiently. Technology has provided companies of all sizes with a very efficient tool to improve team communication; apps like Slack, Skype, Zoom, or Hipchat have made it possible for colleague to keep in touch when they’re in different offices, or if someone is working in the field. Good communication also means that you have to be clear about goals, deadlines and expectations for each business term.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to turn individual employees at your business into a cohesive working unit.

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