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If you’re like most business owners in the 21st century, then you probably already have your own website, social media accounts, and growing digital presence. Getting your business in the online world is becoming more and more mandatory as industries and customers alike shift to a more digital experience. However, it’s not enough to simply set up shop and call it a day. The best businesses know that the online world moves quickly, and not taking the steps to keep up with it, and to keep your presence relevant and refreshed, can leave you in the dust. Here are a few ways to keep up with the wave, not be pulled underneath it.

Pay Attention 

We can get into how to keep your own brand relevant and constantly of new value to your audience. But first, it’s worth paying attention to the trends of online marketing in general. A lot of things have changed as of late. For instance, ad-blockers have played a significant role as more and more users adopt them, meaning that paid advertisements on sites are becoming an option that has to be more seriously considered because they’re not as seen as many. On the other hand, social media networks like Facebook are constantly updating with new tools in the “language” of communicating on those platforms, including deeper insights and little tools like Facebook Reactions. Stay up-to-date with the trends to be amongst the first making the best and most impactful use of new developments before they become common fare. 

Know A New Niche 

Having a niche in business is a great way to hone your focus on a single part of the market and to come up with strategies that work best for them above all others. However, after some time, it’s worth looking at the other parts of the market not getting your attention. New landing pages, new content, and separate marketing strategies allow you to manage different niches without issue.

Focus On Your Goals 

Just as markets change over time and how you deliver your goods and services over time will change, so will your goals. When you first setup the website and got into content marketing, it might have been specifically for building visibility and spreading the reputation of the brand. Once it’s established, however, not moving to a different goal can cause you to stagnate instead. For instance, if you decide your website might be better used to winning new customers first-and-foremost, and turning interest into profit, then a marketing agency might be able to help fit a new focus of conversion rate optimization to the website. Different goals are better achieved through different marketing strategies, too. If you’re launching a new product, service, or site, for instance, then a paid advertising campaign is better for building interest and attention in the short term as opposed to longer-term organic strategies like SEO. 

Keep Crowning Your King 

You’ve likely heard it before. Content is king. In online marketing, few things are as good as holding the attention of a market than a piece of great content. Whether it’s an insight to show your expertise and shed some light on a topic or something of a more informative nature to serve as a guide for your target market, content can be used in all sorts of ways. But it’s not enough to simply rest on a few pieces of great content. If you’re not drastically updating your site, then keeping new content on it and disseminating that content through social media shows that the business is still alive, still working, and thriving. Plus, every piece of new content that has real value offers another opportunity to get shares, referrals, and conversions for new readers.


Content marketing shouldn’t only be kept to the written word, either. The internet is a multimedia experience and it has been proven that those who make use of that aspect tend to have more success in their marketing. Sometimes, a piece of content might hold the interest of the viewers better in video form, making them more likely to stay until the end. Or if you have a piece of content that is stat or fact-heavy, breaking it down by using an infographic creation tool can make it much more palatable and visually engaging. 

But not everyone has the opportunity to watch videos and are more audiocentric, so many businesses also go on to start podcasts, too. Podcasting and radio shows are making a major comeback these days to help provide audiences with quality passive content they can listen do no matter what they're doing.

Get It First-Hand 

The brand isn’t really what has to be refreshed and kept relevant. It’s the connection with the consumers. First-hand efforts to keep that link alive are important no matter what kind of business you’re in. Sending emails to keep in touch or alert them to new deals based on what they got from you last can add a personal touch to those efforts. However, staying engaged with them on social media, sharing their posts, replying to them, and so on makes you look more publicly engaged. It’s positive social proof, which doesn’t only make them feel good but convinces others that you’re a business with close ties to its community.

Update That Insight 

As mentioned, markets shift. As do the interests of markets. If you rest on your laurels and assume you know your audience, that’s when you stop really knowing them. Keep track of your customer data and use it to gain more insight. Keep profiles on them through customer relationship management software for instance, and use online analytics tools to get a better idea of how they interact with your website and social media posts. Search engine algorithms are always changing and SEO strategies need to be adjusted. Online metrics analysis gives you an understanding of what they like to see from you, what doesn’t interest or engage, what kind of content has the most viral potential, and even what they want to see next. 


There will be aspects of relevance and updating that are specific to your industry, so it’s always worth talking to others in the same business, to keep reading, and keep improving your knowledge. Digital marketing is becoming core to the business, so it has to be a skill you keep up with from now on.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to break up with busted branding and take your marketing to a new level with digital.

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