Is Your Office as Eco Friendly as it Should Be?

The impact we as humans have on the Earth is devastating. Deforestation, oil spills, global warming- we have not been kind to our planet, and it’s had some dire consequences. However, in recent years we have become more aware of how we can protect against these things, reduce our carbon footprint and generally be kinder to the place that we live. As a business owner, there are things you could and should be doing to protect the environment. Here’s how you can go about going greener.

Buy Refillable 

Things like refillable pens and printer cartridges can save massively on plastic. These might only seem like small things, but over every office in the country and across the world they add up massively. In just the US, over four million disposable pens are thrown away every day, and this amounts to a whole lot of plastic. Ask employees to use refillable pens, since these are better quality they’re less likely to get lost, and it’s far more eco-friendly to keep refilling them compared with buying new ones all the time. The same applies to cartridges, most can be refilled these days and it’s both cheaper and kinder to the planet. 


Most of us make a conscious effort to recycle at home these days, and it’s something we should be doing in the workplace too. Recycling needs to be done properly since even a small amount of unrecyclable material can contaminate the entire bin and mean it ends up in landfill anyway. If your company produces a lot of waste, compactors can be useful. Here you have compartments for recyclable and non-recyclable materials making it easy to dispose of the waste from your business in the correct way. 

Choose The Right Suppliers 

Choosing suppliers that use eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials is one smart direction you can take your company in. Whether it’s recycled paper, low VOC paints, or sustainably sourced wood, when you choose these kinds of companies it helps to create a demand for them. The more demand means more companies will follow suit in going down an eco-friendly route. 

Go Paper Free 

We live in a digital age but still use far too much paper. Instead of sending out paper invoices, receipts and statements to customers, have ‘paper free’ as your standard option. That way customers can request paper copies if needed, although most won't since everything can be done online. You’re not wasting paper that will simply be thrown away by most customers, but you still do have the option there for those who want or need it. Opt to have your own business mail delivered electronically rather than through the post too where possible, aim to eventually have a paper-free office. According to many corporations around the world are already working on this so yours could follow suit. 

Go Green

Have you implemented any of these things in your business? How do you keep your office as eco-friendly as possible?

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to make your office as eco-friendly as possible.

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