How To Create A Website That Stands Out

There are currently 1.3 billion websites globally, whether they’re active or not. When trying to launch an online business, or a blog, your biggest concern should be getting it to stand out in the vast sea that is the internet. There are plenty of ways to increase the traffic coming to your website - unique URLs, search engine optimization, and backlinks from other sites are just a few options - but if you want people to keep coming back, you have to go the extra mile to make your website capture their attention. Here are a few easy ways to inject some vibrant personality into your blog to instantly make it eye-catching.

Choose The Right Hosting Platform 

Not all website hosting platforms are created equal. Understandably, most users want their platforms to be free of charge in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean they should compromise on quality. After all, the idea is to build up a following and eventually take your newly established audience with you when you take your website to the next level. You’re less likely to have a loyal customer base if your website is of poor quality. If going through every hosting platform to find the right one for you feels overwhelming, then just read our managed WordPress hosting reviews to get you started on the basics. After reading a few favorable reviews, you can start the elimination process and eventually settle on a platform that works for you in terms of budget, style, and support. Investing into something such as managed hosting can really change your website for the better, there are tons of agencies that offer this. It shouldn’t cost you a lot of money to find a decent hosting platform, but it will cost you time and effort to find one of high quality. 

Be Stingy With Your Graphics 

Humans are visual beings, so it makes sense that adding a lot of visual stimuli to your website will draw more people in. However, sometimes less is more. A homepage with too many images, videos, and GIFs looks too crowded and visitors to your website won’t know where to look. Yes, your website should be colorful, there should be a few images here and there, and there is nothing wrong with including an introductory video if it’s appropriate for the distinct style of your small business. But too much visual stimulation will cause people to lose interest, and possibly never return to your website, causing you to miss out on valuable followers. 

Let Your Creativity Shine Through 

Just because you’re being conservative with your visual stimuli, doesn’t mean that you can’t present your creative flair throughout your website - this is what will really draw people in and make your site stand out. Establish your own unique style in your color scheme, layout, and with the few graphic images that you use. Custom made images might cost you a little more, but they are yet another opportunity to show off your creative abilities, and make your site stand out against others that only use stock images. Any unique content that you can include in your website will keep your audience interested, and encourage them to follow you, and come back each time you update your website. 

Update Regularly 

Whether you post a new article weekly or every day, you stand a better chance of winning over your readers if you update your blog consistently. In fact, once your regular readers catch on to when your usual post date is, you’ll find that this is the day your get the most web traffic. If you have trouble coming up with topics to write about when you’re due to update your blog, you might benefit from coming up with a list of topics a few weeks in advance to help you plan ahead. Alternatively, you can stay updated with news within your industry and make some personal comments in response. 

Never Get Too Comfortable 

Your website can always be better. It can be more accessible, easier to use, more functional for mobile devices, or just faster to load. Listen to feedback from your users about any problems they have with the website, whether it’s about a video that fails to load, or a service they paid for that hasn’t come through. Feedback is invaluable, and it’s the best guideline for things to improve. You should also never be afraid to experiment with new content, or try something new with your products and services; some might be successful, some might serve as lessons for the future. The second you stop improving is the day you stop being successful.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to create a unique website that stands out from the hundreds of millions of competitors.

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