Reasons For Combining Online And Offline Marketing

Marketing focus is truly one of the most important areas of your company. Businesses don’t want to know about business cards – they want to know about mobile tech and integration. This has led to less emphasis on offline techniques, and it is easy to see why. Mobile devices account for up to one-third of online transactions, while YouTube gets billions of hits per day. Digital marketing is a behemoth and it’s here to stay. 

But, does this make offline marketing obsolete? The answer is no. Sure, offline marketing might not be able to complete alone, but strange things happen when you put them together. 


Whether you prefer online or not, a plan normally has offline methods. The reason is simple – awareness. Not everyone uses the internet, and it’s important to market to the people who don’t. One of the issues you will face is inconsistency. By viewing them as two separate entities, the two plans will be different. Unfortunately, everything from the message to the goals of the strategy will differ. The result is an ineffective marketing effort which is a waste of time and money. Mixing them means all aspects are on point. 

Eye Catching 

As the last paragraph mentioned, the internet is popular but it doesn’t have a monopoly. Therefore, it is vital to have a contingency that will catch the eye of your base. It can be as simple as using pressure washers to clean the exterior of the office to invest in a logo. Then, people who walk past the building will see the brand and make a positive judgement. Or, sponsoring a local event always goes down well with the surrounding public. The key is to have a backup plan which doesn’t centre on the internet. 

Keep Up With Demand 

Search engines and SEO have changed the way people consume information. In the past, the consumer would have to find the data by researching the topic. Today, the company brings the info to the customer. Think about Google page rankings and social media platforms as examples. As a result, it's essential to bring offline practices online to satiate demand. It is not rare to find businesses using online techniques to inform their base of offline promotions. Real time marketing is an excellent way to increase the customer experience by merging plans. 

Strengthens Strategy 

As you can see from the previous point, online and offline are linked. By using them in conjunction, they help the customer and add value to the experience. Therefore, both offline and online methods help to strengthen a business’s marketing plan. If used properly, they can cover all the bases necessary and provide a continuous experience. Of course, it goes without saying that this will also increase the reach of the brand. 

Smart Synergy

Businesses like to assume that they have to pick one strategy or the other. Nothing could be less true. Ultimately, sitting on the marketing fence is one of the best ways to create a successful policy.

I hope you enjoyed this article about maximizing your marketing mix to include online and offline tactics.

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