Tips For Making An Impact At A Trade Show

If you run your own business, then a trade event is a great way to meet some new customers and get your product/services out there to a range of people. A trade event is also a good opportunity for networking and checking out the competition, as well as picking up some tips along the way. With many other traders from the same industry in one room, it’s important that you make your business stand out amongst the others. Read some great tips on making an impact at a trade show stand below. 

Make Sure You Have A Plan 

Pitching up at a trade show requires more careful planning than just showing up. You’ll need to think about what you want to talk to people about, what to sell and how you’re going to do it. If you only sell one type of product, this should be straightforward, but if you have a larger business with multiple products, you will need to focus on a smaller selection to stop things getting complicated. 

Have A Great Design

Your stand needs to stand out at a trade show. This means having a booth which is attractive, colorful and has more to it than just a table and some flyers. For the best chance of making your booth stand out, you can hire an exhibit design company like Exhibe Trade Booth Design that will be able to create an exciting design to make people stop and take notice. To save money, make sure you have a design that you can use more than once to take to other shows in the future. 

Talk To People

Selling the right products and an attractive booth will help to get people to stop at your booth, but if you don’t engage with them, they’ll soon lose interest. Making an impression has been discussed before, and you can apply many of these principles to making an impact at a trade stand. Be chatty, engaging and friendly - avoid being standoffish or grumpy because you’ve been on your feet all day. Talk to people and hand out business cards, they’ll be more likely to remember you if you took the time to find out a bit about them. 

Good Freebies 

People love a freebie! Many people will visit trade shows just to see what loot they can get. Don’t settle for plain pens and pencils - give them something they’ll want to use. Promotional merch items like branded USB drives, travel coffee mugs and tote bags are simple enough ideas that are popular at shows - just make sure your logo and brand are all over them to help remind them and others about who you are. You can find a great list of trade stand freebies for inspiration. 

Trade Show Time

A trade stand can be very rewarding if you do it right. If you’ve never been to one before, make an effort to visit a trade stand before you go so that you have an idea of what to expect and to get some ideas for your booth. If successful, trade stands could become a regular feature in your business calendar to help give your business the boost it needs.

I hope you enjoyed this article about making an impact at a trade show, expo, or industry conference.

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