Is Google Building Its Own Smartphone?

Possibility Of Android Creator Seeking To Control Mobile Hardware

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. While Google likely wouldn’t want to be known as imitators or wish to flatter their arch rival in mobile operating system technology, Apple, they may be looking to adopt their business model of controlling the entire process of creating, manufacturing and marketing smartphones, just as Apple does. 

Not Just A Software Company 

Google has become the current behemoth it is through dominance in certain key areas such as Internet search, push notification technology and mobile device operating systems. Its search engine is so popular it’s become a generic term for online searching, and their Android mobile platform is used in four out of five smartphones worldwide. 

Unlike Apple, who make every single device their iOS operating system appears on, Google itself makes very few hardware devices. Most of the Android powered devices are made by third parties such as Samsung and LG; this makes for plenty of consumer choice as Android can be found in many different types of smartphone at various price points such as some of these used mobile phones for sale

On the other hand, there are only usually a few different Apple iPhones available in the range and all are in the more-expensive price bracket. 

As with their computer range and other consumer electronics, Apple control the whole process of design and manufacture; there are signs Google want to do the same. 

Nexus to Pixel 

Google do offer their ‘own’ smartphone which, unlike other Android phones, runs a ‘pure’ version of the Android platform with no add-ons or tweaks as given it by other makers such as Samsung. This phone is basically made for Google by existing smartphone maker HTC, but far from the switch to the Pixel name from Nexus being a rebranding exercise, it could herald more of a far-reaching change. 

Google Is Hiring 

The software giant has recruited some key engineering talent including a senior ex-Apple engineer who will lead the design of their own ‘system on a chip’ (SoC) to power future mobile devices. This is a key move for Google in controlling the design of smartphones and helps establish control rather than being at the mercy of another hardware manufacturer’s activities. 

Other Hardware Sourcing 

If the company are going to the trouble of investing in their own SoC, then it stands to reason they will be opening up relationships with suppliers of other components just as Apple does. Some of these suppliers are, as in the case of HTC, already makers of smartphones such as LG who, as Samsung do for Apple, will likely be making display panels for any new Google phone that may materialize. 

The Long Haul 

An entire new Google phone with the crucial SoC may be a way off, but the company are - bit by bit - developing their own phone as they progress from the basic ‘done for you’ arrangement started with HTC. 

In the end, Google has decided that the best way to compete head on with the iPhone is simply to build their own version of the iPhone and control the entire process. 

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