How To Puff Up A Business To Make It Look Larger

puffing up business make company look larger than it really is

Small businesses find it difficult to shirk off that ‘garage entrepreneur’ image until they find a way to face the giants head to head in sales. Competing with big business can feel daunting because first impressions count for a lot for customers and investors. The corporate giants have large advertising budgets, so their reach is extended to all corners of the world. As a small business, half the battle is to just get your name out there and build up your brand. However, it can be difficult trying to break the status quo without a large money pot to rely on. Although, there are ways to making your business look larger than it actually is. The image your business expresses is half the battle when it comes to luring industry clients. If you look and sound professional, you’re more likely to be taken seriously and thus, increase the interest you get and potentially boost sales. You don’t have to burst to the bank to do this either, as low operating cost techniques should be given priority.

The Importance Of A Logo 

Rather than just the business name in black and a particular font, you breathe life into a brand when it takes on an image. The logo is the first impression everyone in the world sees, and it gives them a short perceptional idea of what your business might be. A great logo can even change the decisions and overall attitude of customers toward a product or service you sell. It’s a way for consumers to recognize you instantly and subconsciously regard you related to a specific industry. 

A logo should be clever and entirely unique. You could have a character or mascot as your logo, or you could incorporate an image of what you represent in business branding. It should give off an attitude that encompasses what your business stands for with either it’s intent on the world or the nature of itself. The right color scheme and unique tones will exude sophistication and professionalism. It’s perhaps the first thing that draws customers’ eyes to your logo in the first place. 

Business Call System 

The world of business never ever stops and doesn’t wait for anybody. Consumers and clients are increasingly expecting to be able to contact your business at all times of the day and without delay. However, as a small business trying to expand, without actually expanding, a complex telephone system can drive costs through the roof. Hiring extra staff is out of the question, and building an extra office purely for taking calls at your premises is a short term fix to a long term problem. 

However, in the world of cloud-based technology, you can use a virtual answering service as a receptionist that filters your calls and relays information about them to you. With a choice of various answering service pricing packages, you can select the right kind of system that works for you. During the day, when you’re working on important projects, you may not want to, or simply don’t have the time, to take multiple calls from clients, suppliers, distributors, etc. Therefore, with a call service that utilizes cloud technology, it allows you to have your own receptionist when you want and without the need for real-world changes. 

Invest In Promotional Videos 

It’s not enough to just be on social media or to have an advertising campaign. Now, more and more consumers have smartphones that can play video on the move and browsing buyers who do their shopping mainly online. Creating promotional videos, to show the world what it is your business offers and what the inner workings of your business are, will break down the fourth wall. By presenting a product, and a brief but fluid introduction to who you are and what you’re aiming to achieve, your business suddenly becomes relatable. It’s important to connect with customers and pull down the robotic image that most businesses have. Hire a professional cinematography team that can create ideas with you. Using stylish shots, explain what your product or service is about, and how it can change the lives of the viewer. The presenter is just as important as the message, so if you can, hire a freelance actor to bring a friendly and jovial presence to the video. 

Puffing Power

Industry competitors and consumers alike will rear up their heads a take notice of your business when they see a promotional video. It shows you’re on the move and connecting with your customers; also showing you care enough about them to give them a look at your business from the inside. A logo marks and expresses the nature of your company, giving you an image that will become recognizable over time. Being accessible is important to build trust, and it also makes your operation seems more legitimate.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about puffing up your business to make it look larger than it is and get taken more seriously.

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