8 Great Facebook Page Marketing Hacks & 1 Hack To Avoid

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We all know that Facebook is the standard for most companies when it comes to social media marketing. While mastering Instagram and Snapchat are important for reaching the youngest demographics, Facebook page marketing is still a top priority for all businesses. Below I'll be discussing some Facebook page marketing hacks that are very simple but critical, especially in the early stages of building a Facebook following. Then I'll go into the 1 "hack" to avoid at all costs, unless you want to be considered a hack! 

Hack #1: Target The Competition

This is pretty simple, but if you want to snag customers from your competitors, go after the accounts that already follow them. When you are targeting your custom audience, under “Interests” choose your competitor’s page (or multiple pages). You already know they’re interested in your product or service and hopefully, you can show them why yours is superior. It can be a double windfall as well since you can gain fans a the expense of your business rivals.

Hack #2: Personal Profile Power

Use your personal Facebook profile to invite hundreds (or hopefully thousands) of your friends to like your page. This will give you a strong base of users and referrals. And although it sounds stupid, other people are probably more likely to Like your page in the future if you have hundreds or thousands of followers as opposed to dozens. People will also notice that their friends like your page and might think you are worth checking out. Overall you'll be taken more seriously by prospects and other businesses and set the stage for future success.  

Hack #3: Invite Your Fans

The second tip is very underutilized but it can make all the difference, especially when you boost your posts to people that don't already like your page. Go through everyone that "likes" any of your Facebook page posts, pictures, videos, or links and you are able to click Invite to each person that hasn't already been invited or doesn't already like your page. I've been able to add tens of thousands of page likes over the years in this way between several businesses and they are high quality followers because they've already seen and liked your posts. 

Hack #4: Take Facebook Across Platforms

To help maximize your organic reach in an increasingly competitive news feed I'd recommend supplementing your page with posts and shares to Facebook Groups, Facebook Profiles, and Facebook Events. You can obviously also share the content from Facebook on to other social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can even automatically share posts from your Facebook page onto your linked Twitter account.

Hack #5: Improve CTR

When it comes to improving Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Facebook Ads, I like to encourage engagement in the ad copy. Ask a question and be sure to follow up quickly and professionally on your responses. The higher engagement rates with the ads, along with your replies, will enhance the legitimacy of the ad. You'll get more shares and link clicks overall.

Hack #6: Reduce Ad CPC

To reduce your Facebook Cost-Per-Click (CPC) on Facebook Ads I'd recommend narrowing down your target market as much as possible. While you don't want to risk excluding viable prospects, the more specific your target audience is the better. And when in doubt, targeting accounts that are interested in your competitors usually gets strong results for a low price.

Hack #7: Buy Facebook Ads While The Price Is Low

Facebook ads are getting a lot more expensive than they used to be. Big corporations are finally starting to catch on so the influx of additional Facebook ad spending is raising bids. It's the same as Google AdWords, which are a lot more expensive today than they were a decade ago. 

Advertisements on Facebook will continue to increase in price and decrease in ROI, at least to a point. They can't allow ads to be too expensive or ineffective, or they'll lose a lot of advertisers. The increased prices will cause more advertisers and small businesses to shift to Instagram (also owned by Facebook), Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and other viable platforms. It might even shift some spending back to Google AdWords

Facebook ads will always be effective, they just aren't the bargain that they were years ago. 

Hack #8: Measure Most Important Metrics

I keep it simple when I look for Facebook Ads metrics. I focus on Impressions, Engagement, Website Traffic, Leads, and Sales. Impressions aren't always a great indicator of campaign success, but sometimes I still like to see the overall social reach for brand awareness purposes. Engagement is very important since it amplifies overall results and gives you the opportunity to interact with prospects on a personal level. Website clicks are important because they help to set up leads and sales. Lead generation and sales are pretty self-explanatory, and for a lot of business models they're the only metrics that really matter in the end.

HACK FAIL: Buying Fans

The hack that doesn't work, although many people continue to try, is to foolishly buy your followers or page likes from a sketchy click farm or bot service. Sure it might make your numbers look good temporarily or to a casual viewer, but it will sabotage your page in many ways. First off, buying page likes in this manner is a direct violation of Facebook's terms and conditions and could potentially get your page or account suspended or removed. I'd say the chances of this are very small, but it's still a possibility and Facebook could change their position on this at any time with or without warning. 

Secondly, these liking and following accounts can be deleted at any time by Facebook or the people / person that created them in the first place. It's very common for Facebook to remove these fake accounts over time because they all have similar characteristics and user patterns. 

And finally, because of Facebook's algorithm that only shows your posts to a small percentage of page followers organically, you'll be effectively cutting your actual audience of real people in half. The posts to your page will go to the news feeds of some of those fake purchased followers and obviously none of them will actually see or engage with them. Your engagement rate will be nonexistent which in turn will make your posts be seen to even less people in the long run. Also, anyone with Facebook marketing experience will realize that you probably purchased fake likes or follows if you have tens of thousands of page likes and only a few actual engagements. These implications also ring true at least to some extent when it comes to fake Instagram followers and Twitter followers.

There are countless other Facebook page marketing hacks but keep the first two in mind and avoid the last one like the plague! Best of luck fellow Facebookers!

I hope you enjoyed this article about simple Facebook page marketing hacks to utilize and 1 to avoid no matter what.

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