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When it comes to marketing, digital solutions are on top of the list for most companies of today. The influences of technology and social media have meant that online businesses are on the rise and marketing strategies are increasingly moving away from print marketing and into the digital side. Before social media existed, most marketing was done via newspapers, billboards and direct mail. Since the influx of social media websites, marketing has shifted and it’s mostly free for companies who utilize the social media sites online.

The one thing that companies need to remember, though, is upkeep! There are a huge variety of social media sites that you can use to promote your company, and if you are using each and every one of them, it takes some work to keep on top of them all. Companies that employ social media managers and full social teams to manage their online strategies are often on the ball, but when you don’t make social media a priority in your business, you could fall flat very quickly. You cannot simply exist on social media and hope that people find you and want to use your business. You have to be able to engage with customers on their level and offer them something more than your competition does. If your company is making it their business to reach out and be more to a customer than a face, you’re already winning. 

Social media scheduling is one of the key things a business can do to keep up their engagement with their customers. It's an important task to successfully complete on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on the platform. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are working as a beauty company or a hairdresser, investing in the right salon software to ensure your marketing is carried out properly and on time is going to be crucial to your profits and bottom line. It takes time to see the results of a social media marketing strategy that is well executed and profitable. Your business will be better adaptable and far better organised if you are using the right social media strategy, and scheduling your social media is right up there with efficiency and management. Think about how much time your marketing team is using just trying to keep up with the plethora of social media sites at your fingertips. Ask yourself whether their time could be better spent elsewhere, getting into the finer details of social media strategizing rather than scheduling Tweets. There are some excellent benefits to having your staff schedule their social media, though, and we’ve got some of those benefits listed for you below:


Every business out there knows that timing is everything when it comes to marketing, but if you are scheduling your social media, you can reach the right time zones to reach your main audience. Social media marketing allows a business to be global, which means wherever you target, you can maximize your organic reach. 


Having your social media scheduled, especially during a time of development or product launch can be an absolute blessing to your business. Scheduling your social media posts can remove all and any stress out of the team and can mean you’re not sitting up at midnight purely to make announcements for a new product launch! 


Being in charge of mapping out and planning every aspect of your social media can mean your marketing team are ahead of their own schedules and deadlines. Being strategic with your marketing plans can really change how you do things and be more targeted with your content. 


As a business, your customers and even clients need to see that you know what you are doing. Being consistent with your brand is going to make the difference in how people view you as a reliable company

Social media sharing is all about posting content that works best for the platform. You must consider consumer behavior and organic reach. Not all content translates the same way or at the same frequency on each social platform. 

On Facebook I share a wide variety of links, images and video about once per day. When it comes to LinkedIn I share business-related content about once daily. For Twitter I share industry-specific blog posts and retweets 20-30 times per day. Instagram and Snapchat I will share more behind the scenes media or personal content about once per day. I share videos on YouTube and images on Pinterest when possible, usually about once per week on average.

Obviously, every company will have an opinion on how they manage their marketing strategy, but social media scheduling is an important part of that strategy if you hope to reach people in the best way. Once you decide to use scheduling as part of your strategy, it’s important to know where you can get started on scheduling social media. It’s not a known concept for most companies unless you have a social media specialist on board who knows how to schedule. To be able to successfully schedule your social media, you must first look into some top social schedule software like HootSuite to be able to schedule from. 

It’s also a smart idea to create an organized content calendar like this so you can, as a team, work together for the best strategy. Your brand will have different publishing habits to the companies you are in competition with, and you should capitalize on those habits and make adjustments if you need to. 

The last thing you need to think about when it comes to scheduling your social media posts is your content. Sharing content that comes from real customers is a great way to hook in new people to look into your business and take the time to understand what you do as a company. People thrive on reviews, which is why sites like these do so well year on year. Companies will always market themselves in the best possible light but if you have people praising your efforts and proving loyalty to your business, then other new customers will trust that review. 

Content should include testimonials and reviews from customers, news pieces from your industry such as upcoming changes in the law or services and behind the scenes content. Behind the scenes should be all about the personality of your company and what goes on in the office at popular times of the year. 

Smart SMM Scheduling

Generating buzz about your company is so much easier when you are exposed properly on social media. Do it right, and your customer base will grow. Do it wrong and you would be looking at a struggle to keep up with the pace of social media marketing. Doing what’s right for your business should include a clever marketing plan: make social media scheduling part of it.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about maximizing your SMM ROI by implementing the correct social media schedule.

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