Tips for Dealing with Client Conflicts

Client conflict is one of the most difficult things about running your own business. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to avoid difficult situations completely. Conflict can and does happen all the time, particularly when two parties are unable to agree on what constitutes a success or whether a certain course of action has been taken correctly or not. 

So, although you can’t avoid conflict, you can certainly handle it better, and by dealing with it well, you can maintain your company’s reputation and keep your clients happy without causing too many problems for yourself. 

Here are some of the things you can do to deal with client conflict better: 

Talk About It 

If a client has a problem, even if you think you are wrong, you should never dismiss them out of hand – this will only make them feel angrier. Instead, take the time to listen to their concerns, and really listen to them, and then see if you can come up with a mutual solution. This is almost always the best form of action to take and will help you solve the problem to the satisfaction of all more often than not. 


If you’re unable to come to an agreement on an issue and you just know that neither you or the client will get a resolution you’re 100 percent happy with, consider a compromise. As a business owner, your primary goal is to end the conflict as swiftly and satisfactorily as possible, and this might mean a little give and take on both sides. 

Work on Your Body Language

If you’re dealing with a difficult client and compromising isn’t working, it might be worth seeing if you can adjust your body language somewhat. Sometimes, without even knowing it, we project hostility and anger in the way we hold ourselves, and this can rub clients up the wrong way. By sitting close to the person, speaking in a friendly tone and loosening up arms and legs, we’ll look friendlier and more helpful, and a resolution is likely to come more easily. 

Automate Your Processes 

One of the best ways to avoid client conflict is to ensure that no mistakes are made in the first place, and although it’s impossible to prevent mistakes 100 percent, you can cut them by as much as 99 percent by using streamlined, paper-free software to automate everything from payments to customer handling. If automation sounds like something that would help you with conflict, you can see for more information. Just ensure that you know exactly how to use automation software before you start using it professionally and you will notice fewer issues over the months and years. 

Ignore It 

Okay, so this is a strategy that won’t always work and if you ignore every client conflict you ever have, you probably won’t stay in business for too long, but if you’re dealing with a minor issue, and you know that the problem will resolve itself pretty soon, leaving it be could be the best use of your time. 

Conflict Conclusion

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I hope you enjoyed this article about tips to deal with client conflicts disrupting your business.

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