Is SEO Still Working For You?

One thing that isn’t in doubt is the effectiveness of search engine optimization. When done properly, there isn’t a method that has more of an impact. However, the keyword (get it) here is ‘properly.’ Sadly, businesses and entrepreneurs just don’t utilize SEO trends in the correct manner, and it affects their bottom line. The question is, then, how do you know when SEO is working and when it’s flat lining? The answer: there are four pretty obvious signs. For anyone that doesn’t know what they are, you can find them underneath. 

Keyword Rankings 

At its core, every SEO strategy has a range of keywords that boost the firm’s ranking on Google. These are words and phrases that you believe are the ones customers use in their search. However, it is possible that you’re missing a trick. For starters, these words may not even relate to your customer base, which is a massive waste. Or, consumers may use different phrases that are more important in the eyes of the search engines. To find out, it’s imperative that you check your ranking by typing the words into Google. If the word lands you on the first page, it’s a good sign. 

Web Traffic 

A knock-on effect of boosting your rankings is an increase in viewings. Simply put, browsers are going to see your site on the first page of Google and click out of curiosity. As a result, a surge in traffic is usually a good indicator that your search engine optimization plan is working. Sure, a boost in viewers could come from a variety of sources, but it’s safe to assume that SEO plays a big part. On the flip side, a lack of views may be because your keywords just don’t have any traction with online search engines. Either way, you need an analytics service to check the ebb and flow of customers. 

Bounce Rate 

Just because people click on your site doesn’t mean they will stay. Lots of people bounce, and the rate at which they leave has links with SEO. Take the site’s structure as an example. Web design may not appear like it has anything to do with SEO, but that isn’t the case. The best structures aren’t only pretty and easy to navigate – they incorporate your strategy. As soon as someone lands on the page, the text should take advantage with links taking them to other areas of the site. Normally, customers wouldn’t visit this area, but they are compelled once they click on a link. 


A good SEO strategy generates leads. That’s a fact. But, deciding where they came from in the first place isn’t easy. Of course, a general marketing plan can also increase conversion rate, so it isn’t safe to assume. The good news is there are ways to check. Usually, companies like to use surveys and questionnaires. A simple ‘where did you hear about us’ question should lead you to the source of the lead. As long as they are happy to fill it out, there is nothing wrong with this ploy. 

SEO Like A Pro To Grow

Stay on top of your SEO strategy each month. Otherwise, you will need to consult your analytic software once again or hire an expensive search engine optimization consultant.

I hope you enjoyed this article about analyzing the effectiveness of your company's search engine optimization strategy.

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