Small Budget Options For Big Audience Appeal

Appealing to a worldwide audience with your product is difficult. One of the biggest issues is that you simply can’t afford to use marketing and promotional campaigns to gain international exposure. Not only is it expensive, it’s also a gamble. Who’s to say that your product is a niche one when compared on a global scale, and how do you know your product will be popular outside of the small niche communities you used to target?  

Whenever there’s a product that appeals to everyone in the world, it’s usually something developed with international exposure in mind. Take smartphones as an example. It’s modern piece of technology that almost everyone in the world owns. Brands like Samsung are global because they’ve already got widespread reach over the entire world with their other products, so it’s easy for them to create a smartphone that appeals to anyone from the United States all the way to China. In fact, they could even be called trendsetters due to how similar other smartphone designs are to their lineup. 

Sadly, when you’re just a simple startup looking to make it big on a budget, gaining international exposure and spending money on expensive advertising campaigns isn’t possible. So to help you out, here are a couple of budget-oriented ways to help you get more exposure. 

Social Media 

Social media is perhaps one of the cheapest platforms to use in order to grow a business. Not only is it simple and cheap to use, it’s also varied and reaches an audience of millions. A simple Twitter message could reach the eyes of millions within a few short weeks, but it’s important to understand how social media advertising actually works. Instead of posting advertisements around, it’s all about interacting with the community and getting involved. Websites such as Reddit are important to interact with as well because the subreddits are run by fans of your products, meaning they’re a fantastic source of feedback and ideas. A business that shows concern and cares for their audience is one that will garner a lot of attention. 

User-Focused Design 

A user centred design process is the key to appealing to a wide audience. Think about your website, customer service and even the product itself. If you’re able to focus your designs and put yourself in the shoes of your customer, you’ll appeal to them better than if you ignored their needs. A website should be easy to navigate, and you should avoid as much technical jargon as possible so that your audience has an easier time understanding your product and guidance. Image Source 

Specialization Over Diversity 

Another fantastic way to get exposure on a budget is to utilize your specialization in a niche instead of trying to appeal to a wider audience. If you’ve already made a niche product, then don’t lose your grasp on that market by solidifying your bond with the consumer. Whether you’re selling niche computer parts or supplying people with cultural goods, try to specialize in your current products and interact with the communities involved to provide them with a constant stream of high-quality products instead of trying to appeal to a wider audience.

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