How To Declare Your Territory As A Small Business

how to declare your business territory

It is not easy to stamp your authority down and get noticed in an industry full of sharks. Your product and business model may be good, and you may even have a good stack of satisfied customers but the sharks will know if you are a little fish trying to behave like a big fish. You need an online and physical world presence. Contrary to what some people think, but an online business will eventually have to spread its wings out in the real world. 

Consumers like to still have contact with their favorite companies in the tangible sense. All the big Silicon Valley businesses are online, but they still have their headquarters in a real office building where employees work through the mainframe to enact changes and updates to the digital website. 

Start A Digital Ad Campaign

Online videos websites are perhaps the most interactive platform on the web as millions of videos are uploaded every day. YouTube is obviously the top dog at the moment and using its marketing capabilities is easy yet complex. You could hire a startup media company which you formalize a plan with to target a particular audience in a specific way. It should be relevant to your business, the people you hire and your desired aim to achieve with the service you provide. A successful campaign can drive traffic to your website, and business savvy individuals will create a monumental media empire just on viral videos alone. 

A Real World Presence

Although your business may be online, moving into an office space will solidify a real-world presence and congregate your employees into a nest-like space where ideas are more fluidly swapped. Commercial real-estate is not cheap and must be seen as an investment. Banks and investors may loan you the money you need to fulfill the financial requirements needed to move in. Before anything, you should go and visit the office space in person and ask all the relevant questions that are vital to your business. The data storage facilities, the speed of the internet is especially important, and the safety precautions like the fire exits and sprinklers. 

However, if all this is too expensive of you just think this method is old fashioned, virtual offices are coming of age. Many startups are starting to merge their online business with an online office. Companies provide a real world address but have a complete office management system which is online. Everything a normal office has such as a receptionist, mailing system, and a drop box are provided in a real professional office building. 


A brilliant personalized technique to get close to your consumers. Business blogs are for light reading of what’s been going on in your business. Updates, bug fixes and general trends that concern your business and services can be written about in a friendly, jovial and humorous manner. However keep these posts short because consumers will be reading your updates while they commute or eating lunch, they don’t want a long essay as their time and therefore their attention span is limited.

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